50 Words that Describe Dave

gentle – quiet – sincere – loving – loyal – godly – giver – humble – lover – friend – strong – wry – phlegmatic – finisher – husband – father – daddy – grandpa – poppa – pastor – shepherd – worshiper – genuine – instructor – actor – painter – artist – novelist – listener – tidy (except for the garage) – peacemaker – son – brother – uncle – dad – teachable – reachable – loveable – loved – insightful – peaceful – funny – tender – craftsman – creative – thoughtful – shepherd – watchful – teacher – mine.

Dave’s 50th birthday is March 23.  You can tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY here at the blog or here: dave@daverhoades.com

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Pictured:   from the family party we had early (we’re out of town right now, when we get home, a bunch of the fam will be out of town – so we had it 8 days ahead of schedule!).  Stormie and Elise provided pies at the birthday boy’s request.  Steph headed up decor: quotes about writing and books and from his favorite authors (Tara included actual quotes from Dave like, “Who is burning something?” which was usually Tara burning candles in her room.  And “Jiggle the handle.”); candles and books, tree branches on which to hang photos of family and the kids with their dad.  The kids gave him things like: 50 cans of Diet Pepsi, $50 to Auto Zone, 50 Little Debbies, etc.  Tara got a Mexican meal together.  The boys arranged a laser tag event.  We ate.  We sang.  We enjoyed pie.  We did presents.  We played Movie Charades because Dave loves movies!  Then we had a fire on the patio and roasted marshmallows.  We got to do all of this because David Allen Rhoades was born.

3 thoughts on “50 Words that Describe Dave

  1. Happy happy birthday to Dad!

    I had a lot of fun coming up with decor ideas for the party! It was fun to decorate for someone other than a kid;o)

    And just to clarify – ‘Jiggle the handle’ was my quote for Dad. I can remember him saying that many times at the Acoma St. house!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dave!!!!!!!! I love your gentle heart for your family – it shines through in so many ways! It’s fun to watch you very non-assumingly set up the video camera to capture moments of your family’s worship at church and so much of the time I see you in “helping mode” whatever the need may be. You have the gift of putting people at ease and it’s easy to see threads of who you are in all of your kids. Congrats on the 50 year mark. You’re leaving a beautiful legacy and it has been special to get to know you – even if a lot of the time I’ve gotten to know you through Jeanie’s words (she loves you deeply, by the way, in case you hadn’t noticed!) May you, your marriage and your family be blessed more than ever this year! Love, Carol Ann

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