A Saturday in November

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(1) Gather and eat a light and delicious breakfast, a little too early on a Saturday morning.

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(2) Swap meet.  Clean out your closet of clothes and jackets and jewelry and all manner of now-unwanted items.  Throw them into a giant pile in the living room so that after breakfast, everyone can dig through and get what they want.  Leftovers to Goodwill.

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(3) Go hit a series of thrift stores looking for amazing deals and designer clothes for less and to replenish everything you just got rid of at the swap.

Meanwhile, Guinivere stayed behind to lend her hand to decorating the outside door garland.  She works very meticulously, we have found, from left to right in straight lines.

2 thoughts on “A Saturday in November

  1. Yes, it WAS a good day and this from the non-shopper. The pants picture is my favorite. I had to threaten Stef with violence to open the dressing room door and let us see the dress that she claimed was atrocious. She relented and confirmed it looked great and bought it and wore it to Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t know why she doesn’t know that I’m always right ;)

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