Bird Cake


No, no.   Not a cake for the birds.   But a bird cake for Gemma’s first birthday, which was bird-themed.   Steph chose an invitation and we used it as inspiration.   It was 2 tiers, the  bottom being lemon-poppyseed filled with the traditional and oh-so-delicious lemon curd (sort of my trademark flavor), and the top tier was  butter chocolate  with fudge filling.

Fondant cut outs  top view cake

I didn’t get the background color exactly like I wanted it, but here is what I tried this time that I have never done before: homemade-marshmallow fondant (MMF)!   I HATE that Wilton fondant (it smells and tastes like kerosene), but this fondant  tastes ok (like marshmallows and powdered sugar), is easy to use and really was easy to make.

It worked great for rolling out the shapes, which I “glued” on with a conservative brushing of almond extract (makes everything smell wondrous and  evaporates quickly) and Gemma seemed pleased with it at her party at the park over the weekend.   She picked off and ate the small dots.

Gavin and Hunter preferred the fondant to the cake, which is good because Gavin’s cake is going to have lots of it this weekend!

Gemma 1  Cake complete

Oddly enough, this is not the finished cake Image (above right).   I actually went back and piped twirls and swirls and polka-dots onto the leaves.   Oh well.

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This is because I love you, Gem Gem!…Nonna

NOTE TO SELF:   Practice fondant!   Find the Tootsie Roll Fondant recipe…

pictured: the invite; the cutouts and an over-the-top view; me kissing Gemma at her party and the cake in an almost-done state.

7 thoughts on “Bird Cake

  1. I think this one is my favorite cake you’v ever done…and sadly, I didn’t get to help with this one because I wasn’t around. But I have a feeling I will be wishing I wasn’t around for working on Gavin’s cake..EEEK!

  2. There are just not words, Jeanie, for how beautiful that cake is. I think you should be in business. Amazing!

  3. Cool cake. You know, you could send me the leftover crumbs in an envelope and I would be very happy.YUM CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!( insert Homer drooling sound here)

  4. Simply beautiful! You have a gift girl! I’m glad you found a fondant you could work with.Look forward to seeing Gavin’s cake.

  5. This cake was AMAZING!!!!! I absolutely loved it! It turned out so much better than I imagined it would. I don’t know why I haven’t figured out by now that ALL of your cakes are beyond imagination? ;o)

  6. It was a good one! And the fondant tasted great! Saints be praised!
    I also liked it because it was east to carry to the location.
    Good job and delicious honey!

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