Emilee is getting married!

Emilee met Josh at a certain very hot community theater production a while back (I live with the playwright).  She was there, the productions’ sizzling stage manager, and he, the hired sound engineer.  Now they are getting married.  Soon!

Emilee is my great-niece.  And we just. love. her.  She was our number-one assistant last year and the bright spot in every single {Heaven Fest} day.  Miss her lots. So Monday night, we had to introduce Josh to the WHOLE family,  and put him in the hot seat  to see if we could just overwhelm the heck out of him.  And then sweetly welcome him in to the family.  He is in.  We are celebrating their engagement.  Congratulations, Josh and Emilee!

Also, my niece, Lori (from the Rhoades’s side), who is also Emilee’s mom, had a really really really important birthday recently.  We are cheering her on in a whole new decade!  :)  But we shan’t reveal which one here.  We’ll just say Late-happy-birthday-to-you, Lori, most unique and sweet niece!  We are lucky to have you close!  :)

AND, Monday night was the first time Kai had joined us for a huge family dinner (although – the impromptu blizzard Sunday or his own Open House may have counted for something).  He has been here a few times, but it was his first “big meal” with us.  His daddy was out of town, but there were still about 23 people.  :)  Get used to it, Malakai-bebe.

Twenty-three people and no one took pictures?!? Except these…

What was the menu?  Red Beans and Rice, Cajun Chicken Pasta w/ Roasted Tomatoes and garlic-cheddar biscuits. Tara ever-so-kindly added some gluten-free biscuits for the g-frees among us (not me – give m extra gluten!).  Amelie Belle almost single-handedly cancelled out the tortellini picks (loving the olives and tomatoes as much as the cheese on them).  There was this artistically handcrafted salad and lots of fresh fruit.  Ice cream and toppings, cookies and chocolate cake and Lori’s own gluten-free Monkey Bread (while she practices for her future bakery, we all benefit).

“New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.” - Mark Twain

The beans simmered gently all. day. long, creating a gravy seasoned with more garlic than any chef would ever suggest (which is actually a secret I shouldn’t even share with you).  And even though I rarely indulge in this dish, my reverence for it and the memory it evokes is somewhat sacred for me.  The last time I had it was 2 years ago.  Joe was here and he oversaw the pot, then.  How often is it that you can actually remember something you ate with that much clarity?  Rare, yes?  Well, my friend, they are really that good.  At least they are the way Joe and I invest our hearts and souls into them.

So, Emilee is getting married.  Baby Kai is 8 weeks old (seen here wearing his first pair of shoes) and doing tummy time and raising his head to look at the world right-side-up.  And Lori had a birthday.  And the kids are doing well.  And the grandbebes are more delightful than ever.  And God is good and life is sweet and this was our Monday night.

3 thoughts on “Emilee is getting married!

  1. Sis, I love the way you honor the dish here…your literary morsels leave me cravinig red beans again. And I shall have some soon…although I wish I had the family nearby to enjoy them with as you obviously did! Blessings on all of you!!

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