Every Possible Bad Word

When you blog, there are “robots” out there crawling around on their slimy underbellies looking for places to deposit sick and disgusting “comments” with links to their perverted websites.   These “comments”  are  generally 3872+ words long and they are all bad words, combinations, however,  of the same  limited, vile vocabulary  used  repeatedly ad naseum  .   So actually there are only about 78 words.   They are just “creatively” re-arranged for “impact.”

Usually I just get rip-roaring ticked off, like how dare you crawl onto my site and leave this pile of donkey dung, but today, for just a moment I looked at it and had to laugh at the stupid nincompoop who sat and typed all that stuff out.   It is every dumb, degrading, distorted and naughty word a 12-year-old boy heard on a bus and tried to impress his friends by repeating.

And people choose to make their living this way?   I feel sorry for them because I heard all these words years ago and they can’t seem to come up with anything new for their own specialty lexis.   What size must your brain be (and any of the other random parts of you that you seem to wish to discuss)  if that is all that is in there?  

Shut. up.

The thrill is gone, my friends, gone.   You’re out of words, so shut up already!   No amount of stringing these objectionable obscenities together can reward you with the pleasure and joy of discovery for the pure-hearted innocent.   You wish you had what they have!

Stay off my site, you freaking idiots!   What would your mother say?   Sincerely…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Use words to bring life.   “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer…”   Psalm 19.14 NIV.   Maybe I shouldn’t have called these people “freaking idiots”?

11 thoughts on “Every Possible Bad Word

  1. That’s pretty funny! I think we all think that they’re freaking idiots, but try to prevent ourselves from saying so:) It is really sad that people like that can’t expand their vocabulary a little. Hahaha

  2. Ahh yes, the robots and the language of the ignorant.
    When I am around people that can’t put together a coherent sentence without a few well chosen phrases, I try and excuse them but only for so long.
    Language is one of the first signs of where we came from and where we’re going.
    I hope that I have taught my children and now my grandchildren well with an example of a proper way of speaking without throwing in all the the ignorance…

  3. When one of my sons was about 6, we overheard a conversation between he and his buddies. One of them said “ok, let’s cuss, you go first.” After hearing the first boy’s words, we stopped them. They were embarrased, and I hope that cusser is also. Dawn dish soap removes grease and dirt with just a drop… works good on dishes and clothes, also.

  4. By way of illustrating what is wrong with the world today…

    Dawn’s comment about Dawn dishsoap struck a chord with me. Several years ago, My Hubby’s youngest called the oldest an absolutely horrible, filthy, disgusting name. My first reaction was to wash his mouth out with soap (because that was what my parents did for potty mouth and I seem to have turned out ok), and that seemed to cure that little foray into foul language. It got brought up (by My Hubby’s vindictive ex-wife, of course) with the Special Advocate during the ensuing custody battle, who deemed it abusive, and then again in court. However, when I testified about that particular occasion (which was the only time that ever happened, by the way), the judge raised one eyebrow as if to say, “I probably would have done the same thing.” The youngest was five.

    Fast forward several years and now washing a child’s mouth out with soap is considered abuse by the state. Mandatory reporters (school personnel, counselors, doctors) can lose their professional licenses if they know about it and do not report it, and Social Services can justify a visit to your home to “investigate” if anyone calls in. That’s the State for you. Chandler Grafner can die in a closet, but Dawn dishsoap can land a decent parent in jail.

  5. What an indictment, Steph! Truly. The world has gone mad

    And btw to all-this post was one of those see-something-immediately-begin-ranting episodes and having juts re-read what i wrote, I also want to mention that many of the words themselves are not bad, though some are tasteless. many are just words used by a depraved and empty mind. And it makes them less than valuable, no matter the scenario…

  6. It must have been a “horrible” note…..to get my Sweet daughter’s dander up to such a degree. I, non the less, found myself snickering and, at times, even laughing at some of ‘your responses’… to a very distastful, bitter,unhappy, and hate-filled person. I can’t imagine him getting “any” enjoyment at all, in spewing out things that were formed in the pit of Hell, itself. My response to this person is this: “IT’S SAD THAT YOU CHOSE “NOT” TO ‘USE’ THE BRAIN GOD BLESSED YOU WITH. TOO BAD YOU PUT SO MUCH BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS INTO THAT WORTHLESS PIECE OF WORK—— IT WAS ‘GONE’…IN SECONDS.

  7. what a sweet thing to say, Bryan. I didn’t want to be “too” hard
    on the writer of the note in qestion—but Maybe he has learned something from all this. It’s a lot more fun reading “valuble Gems and Jewels” —that will make our lives far richer than one could image. Thank you for reading Jeanie’s Blog.
    I’m proud to say “she’s my Daughter. ~~~~Norma

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