Happy Mothers Day, mommies far & wide

ESPECIALLY-Happy Day to my own sweet mom

Oh, sweet mamala.  You make me laugh.  And cry, sometimes, too, from laughing so hard. But mostly you just make me smile, and feel loved!  My whole lifelong I have had a most amazing mom, but I only really-really got to know her deeply after my kids were older and she was my current age (too busy in life).  Then I finally got to see her heart and understand her soul and mind and how much I really finally began to hope-hope-hope to grow up to be just like her.  It is my aim and deepest wish to somehow attain to become as wonderful as my mom, if that is even ever possible.

Happy Day to all MOMS far and wide

I fear I’ll forget some important acknowledgements, but if I could just say to a FEW women I know…

Happy Mother’s Day to Heather, Amy Jo, Patrice, Candi, Pearly-Q and Marilyn.  Your kids range from newborn to fully grown and I learn so much from you, time and again.  But especially today, to my Marilyn.  You raised 2 lovely, lovely children, who gave you more babies.  A couple of months ago, you lost one – except that he isn’t lost, we know this.  He has just gone on ahead.  And today on Mother’s Day, since Jason isn’t here to join Kori in saying it, I know he knew and so I will say, You are one of the best moms on the planet and I know your children never ever have doubted your love and affection for them.  So happy Mother’s Day, sweet Marilyn.

Dana, my sweet, you look at your children with such deep affection and reverence.  I am inspired by your love for them and your capacity to love the children around the world.  Your heart is big enough to do all God is calling you to, this is evident.  So many children to come…

I also wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to my little sister.  Tami has not birthed any babies in the physical sense, but no one can deny the place she has held in the hearts of teenagers and kids everywhere as she and her husband have led youth groups and churches across the country.  Everybody loves Tami and if anything had ever happened to us when my kids were little, she was going to have all 5 of mine!  :)  As an aunt, she is superb, and she’s carried my mommying burdens with me many times.  So on this day, I recognize the nurturing gift and godly woman and mother figure she holds to many, many people looking for a spiritual mom.  You are wonderful, Tami.

Stef – what an honor I have had to get to watch you become a mom when Sawyer was born, and to get to walk the halls with you for Wryder’s birth.  The care and details you pour into these babies, how you invest in giving them a loving home and a wonderful life is amazing.  I hope you can see that God trusts you with them – that you are the one He knew could do this.  You are a lovely mama.

And my friend Stephanie, I have to say Happy Mother’s Day to her!  Steph, you have proven that even though it is hard and there are battle wounds, you can blend and watch a family thrive.  I love that you and your son joined yourselves to your handsome love and his children and are beating all odds.  Yesterday to see the joy, the happiness, the this IS working for us, we are family: priceless!  Well done, Stephanie!

Plus TWO nieces:  My niece, Lori because she has LOTS of kids and never loses track of them or faith in them.  And recently-lots of extra-mommying has been happening.  Happy Mother’s Day, Lori.  AND Elise-the-Niece gave birth to her baby boy, Blake Matthew, at 00:04 this morning.  HAPPY Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to My Daughters, Tara, Stephanie and Jovan

Tara was born just before Mother’s Day in 1979.  I took her to church that morning, just 4 days old.  I heard the Mother’s Day sermon and felt the awe of what had just been delivered to me.  By God Himself! Beauty.  These women – are so good at what they do, so far beyond what I ever was.  I am constantly amazed as I watch them  raise their own {8} lovely children.

And Happy Day to the ones who made me a mom: Tara, Stephanie, Dessa-Poo, Rocky and Stormie-kins~

Every Mother’s Day I think I should be thanking my 5 kids.  Plus the ones who call me mom, now, the ones I did not have to labor over (blessed!).

To the 5: You are my trophies and my reward – heritage {!}, not for anything I could have or would have thought to do or be as a mom, but because God can only give amazing gifts, and oh, so He did!  But you’re testaments to Him, He is so faithful and good and He knew I needed the ways each of you challenge me.  I love watching your lives and seeing you become the glory of all God had in mind when he reached into my womb and created your little beings there. I love watching your families grow and seeing His faithfulness poured out over you, too.

dave and jeanie rhoades familyJust recently got this  photo in some of Dad Rhoades’s belongings after his death.  I had never seen it.

Please give me all the way to the end to become the mom God has in mind and I promise I shall keep trying with all my might to get there. You are the proof that God is able to use feet of clay and everyday vessels.  He is just so faithful.  I am just so blessed.

Tara + Dave = Hunter and now Malakai, too (Doesn’t he just make this Mother’s Day all the more special?). Three men and a beautiful woman!  Adoption, so amazing, so sweet.  Our firstborn is blessed with a lovely family.  I love you so.

Stephanie, you started the growing-family thing by marrying Tristan, then giving us our very first grandbebe, plus two more darlings: Gavin, Guinivere, and Gemma May.  The Kelley family, head-turners and beautiful.  I love you deeply.

Tredessa loves Ryan and we love him, too.  And they are a family (we pray for many children for them in the future!). You are a joy and delight as you have always been.  Love you lots!

Rocky and Jovan and all their little women, Averi-J, Amelie Belle and baby-Bailey fill the world with frills and fun.  Rock-bo, you’re blessed and surrounded by love and respect, including mine.

Stormie, our sweet baby girl ~ favorite auntie and love of our lives.  You are the final flourish, the grand finale, the ‘ta-da.’ Love you like crazy, baby girl.

Oh, and one more thing~

Ryan and Tredessa are pregnant!  They told us a few weeks ago and were going to make us stay silent for another month but they couldn’t wait either!  Bebe is due in mid- December and we are so happy. :)  So, Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, Tre-Tre!

It IS a Happy Mother’s Day!

6 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day, mommies far & wide

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    So so so happy!!!!!!

    Congrats to Tre, Ryan & the whole Rhoades family enchilada! ;-)

    Wooo hoooo!!

  2. Blessings to you, the one who inspires my mothering (and a million other things) in so many ways! What an awesome post! And I’m laughing because yesterday I gave Tredessa a 10% Off for Mother’s Day coupon and she said, “Is this for my mom?” I said, “Nah, it’s for you.” But I had NO idea! So excited for them (and you). Love you, sweet lady!

  3. Thank you, Momma:) YOU are the best mom that I know and that is no joke and not an attempt to just be a good daughter. I know you’re incredibly hard on yourself constantly where it comes to mothering, but you’ve allowed us to see the struggle to raise children well, while battling things in yourself that you’re still working through with the Lord. You’ve done that with grace and honesty and you’ve raised us in incredible love and mercy. Thank you for hanging in there even when you’ve felt like you’re missing the mark and thank you for pouring into us like our lives depended on it, because they have and still do. You are a GREAT mom and you were born to mother many, not just us.
    Love you so much, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Aww, thank you, my sister. I feel so unworthy to be mentioned here and in this way, but thank you so, so much! You ARE an amazing woman and mother & so, Happy Mother’s Day to you!!! I remember knowing growing up that you wanted to get married and have lots of babies, and you did! You got enough of that “bug” for the both of us. Thus, I didn’t get any! :) Love you.

  5. Awww… thank you sooo much! You have been such a blessing in my life. I have always looked at you as a mom and felt sooo love by you and your family. When I felt like so many others gave up on me you were there to hold me when I cried and call me back into the life the Lord has for me. You taught me so many things about the mom I wanted to become.I feel like so many people these days teach that kids are a burden and always speak about how they can’t wait till they are asleep or at school or out of the house and dread summer vacations. But you have taught me that kids are a blessing and a gift worth cherishing every moment of. You are such a blessing in my life, thank you for being a mom to me when you didn’t have to be! Love you,

    p.s. I just told Ezra that Tredessa was pregnant and he got so excite that He started jumping up and down and clapping… he is hoping for a boy ; )

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