I just needed a laugh

DP introduced me to this and still, 2 weeks later, I watch it and I still laugh.

Things You CAN’T Do When You’re NOT a Dog

And then there is this: Shoot Christians Say, which is so my hilarious-native-tongue

But where was: I have a check in a my spirit?  Because we Jesus-Kingdom types are very sensitive to those checks.
Tripp & Tyler // Their channel on YouTube  Because – I just NEEDED to laugh today.

1 thought on “I just needed a laugh

  1. Good stuff! And we really have developed our own phrases and acronyms. Which so much of the time don’t make sense or are not really saying anything.
    But what you said I really bear witness with and wish that others could partake of the wisdom that spiritually impacts me on this level, however so many are out of touch with the true revelation of such statements that they have missed this Rhema word for this season

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