Is Michael W. Smith the Christian Dick Clark?

We're watching a Christian music festival on TV that happened in South Bend, IN a couple of weeks ago.

Michael W. Smith is at the keyboard singing his head off and Tredessa asks, "When is this guy gonna age?  What is he?  the Christian Dick Clark?"



Michael W. is 49 and looks about 26.  Dick Clark is actually about 117 now.

4 thoughts on “Is Michael W. Smith the Christian Dick Clark?

  1. Well Ladies of Larceny, I have to weigh in here… Yes, tis true Michael has aged well and Dick Clark? Well, we won't even go there. But I think the thing that appeals to most people about MWS are the highlights. I think that is REALLY the thing in men and women that keep them young. It's all about the highlights. Highlights make the man. Now myself, I have some highlights but they are starting to be salt and peppa. But since I am growing my hair out a little, I'm thinking about highlighting with a few blonde streaks. Not like that weird guy on Food Network that drives around to all the dives, but just the tips, so that I look like someone held me upside down and touched my gravity affected hair in a can of egg shell paint, know what I mean? And then, if I get some plastic surgery on my jaw line (and I'm not talkin' Wayne Newton surgery either, that guy's a freak!)and get a little suction around my neck and if I could grow some beard stubble that actually reaches to my ears, learn how to play the keyboard with Beethoven accuracy and lost another 110 pounds then… Well, okay, maybe I'll just be me. But remember Girls of Grace… Keep your eyes on the creator, NOT on his creation!!!!

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