Loving Loveland

In for the long-haul…

Finally got up here last night.  Heaven Fest is less than 3 days away!!  Met with a cool sponsor representing a Christian filmmaking company (they are going to shoot some crowd shots at HF).  I think we just wrapped up Otter Box as an official stage sponsor at Heaven Fest (such a cool company, LOVE my Otter Box!) and my friend, Susi, got us the coolest rooms at Embassey Suites (exec rates, or something…I only know 5 nights for me will = 1 night for all the rest –  PTL!!).  I just wish I’d actually get to hang there a little more, but the suite is beautiful, the breakfast buffet is delicious, there is Starbucks in the lobby, you walk outside to an incredible view of the Rockies and the people at the front desk are huge Heaven Fest fans.

I am rocking the beach-hair in our comfy HF Offices at Rez, wearing my HF dog-tag.  Dave is over in the field painting parking lines with his shirt off, getting darker and darker by the minute.  Hanging with the wonderful volunteers and our super-cool interns (bringing me coffee) and a whole prayer-room praying us up around-the-clock all the way to HF!

I feel excited and anxious and joyful and afraid I have forgotten something important.  But at this point, it will happen anyway.  Ahhh…..I love Heaven Fest week.

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