Put your Chihuahuas away!


Paula Abdul actually told Michael Johns on last night's Idol, while wearing this ridiculous dress, that his singing was gonna make her Chihuahua's jump right up there on stage with him. 

For the love of God and all that is holy, put those things away!

NOTE:  I hear a rumor that the cast will end tonight's show with a performance of "Shout to the Lord." www.americanidol.com

6 thoughts on “Put your Chihuahuas away!

  1. I think that Paula has been assimilated by the collective. (The Borg for you non-Star Trek Next Gen People ) I think she is a bleached out, female clone of Randy. When she looks into the mirror, she sees Randy! Can she ever figure out that it's NOT a fashion show with the contestants? We know they need to look good on stage but come-on! And as far as I'm concerned, she needs to keep her Chihuahua's to herself! Her mother must not have told her that growing up…

  2. I recorded Idol and watched it last night. I too think that dress she was wearing looked terrible. If she had wore it any tighter those chihuahuas would have been on the stage.

  3. I think these comments are going to an uncomfortable and slightly inappropriate place…….             ;o)

  4. Eeeeeew.  Why would you name your (you know what's) Chihuahuas? They are ugly obnoxious wiry little rats..seriously!

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