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Rhoades2 “The Rockvans”

I am not sure if there is a baby in the world who has ever been photographed as much as Averi (except maybe Jon and Kate’s 8)?  Those cherub-cheeks just beg to be captured and her mommy loves to take pictures.  Apparently everyone does.

Platte Valley Medical Center knows a good looking family when they see it.

When Averi was born, the hospital staff arranged for a photo shoot of her with her mommy and daddy.  They have poster-sized black and whites of them in the hallways near and in the birthing wing there to this day.  They have also used the photos in the hospital’s community magazine, mailed to every household around.  This made Dave-the-Grandpa somewhat famous when he taught a computer class at the hospital a couple of weeks ago.  Everyone said, “Wow!  Those were your kids?  Your son looks just like you!”

Kaela Green.

When Averi turned one, Kaela Green offered to do a photo shoot at their home and got some cute shots of Rocky, Jovan and Averi.  Kaela, say my sources, is a mommy to young sons and a budding photographer.  She has a very tectural style (that is not technical terminology – I don’t actually talk in photog, but I just noticed the very interesting color and tactile-ness of the pics).  Very rich.  There was a slideshow of the whole thing on Flickr which looks like it isn’t there anymore, but  I just learned Kaela has a website, so maybe you can see Averi and the parents there, too.  http://kaelagreenphotography.blogspot.com/.  By Kaela:

kg33 kg15

 kg91 kg281

 Ellie Pickett.

Then just the other day, Ellie Pickett, who was having them over for dinner, asked if they’d come a half hour early so she could “practice” taking some pictures.  Jovan was worried because she’d been garage-saling all day, but she still looks fabulous.

dsc_0210med dsc_0179med

dsc_0241med dsc_0260med

dsc_0247med dsc_02582med

Ellie is a designer, musician, and artiste in almost every sense of the word.  I think these photographs are aewsome!  Ellie is running the art gallery for Heaven Fest.  She has her card/announcement design biz  (http://thephotocardchef.com/) and, I just found out, a photography site (http://lilacphotography.com/).

dsc_0309bwmed dsc_0164bw2med

House of Photos.

When Rocky and Jovan buy a house, they are going to need some major sky-high walls to hold all the photos of themselves – just the really super fantastic ones, I mean.  And there are a lot of them!

I think they are beautiful – the whole little family. 

I am the momma/nonna, what can I say?…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  How to choose the best of the prints for the hallway gallery?…Determine – soon.

Happy 1st Birthday, Averi Jayden Rhoades!

Today is Averi’s first birthday!


Was it a year ago already that we gathered at the hospital for hours and hours and hours waiting for you to arrive?  And when you waited until just about an hour before your “due date” to make your arrival – we cheered madly in the hallway and  sang praises for God’s gift!? Can it have been 365 days since I first layed eyes on your pretty little face and teared up watching you and your mommy looking at each other with the deepest human love possible?  Yes, it has been a year.  And now, we cannot even remember life before you!

All your cousins and aunts and uncles and Nonna and Poppa call you “Baby Averi,” and still delight to see you come through the door!  What will her hair look like today, we wonder?  Will it be mussy and full or in barrettes?  Will it be in a mature pony and better yet, two little pigtails?  The only thing bigger than your adorable hair are your two gigantic, liquid-blue eyes.  No wait, maybe those puffy, pink, kissable cheeks.  Yes-I think the cheeks first, then the eyes and then the hair.  You are the original love-marshmallow: soft and sweet and delicious and you smell wonderful!


I love to see you eating your veggies, chew, chew chew!  I love your tooth-revealing smile and crinkled nose.  I love singing “Averi-Baby” to you to the tune of “Pretty Baby” because you bounce and dance, loving your song.  I love how you rattle off stories and baby jokes to me and then rear back and push out that long, loud laugh!  You are a comedianne and you look just like your mommy except when you draw those eyebrows together in a scowl – then I see your daddy loud and clear!

Happy Birthday, Averi-Baby!  I love you bunches!…Nonna

NOTE TO SELF:  Watch all buttons on TVs and computers and anything tech because this is Averi’s passion right now!

pictured: Averi, all Averi…click on images for a better look

Tomato Haters, Beware

There’s a new kid in town!   HA!

I kept noticing these nice, large and juicy-looking tomatoes that seemed to have started ripening, but then never quite kept going.   But never-you-mind, I was getting plenty from the other plants, anyway.   Finally, though  I had to find out “what gives??”

Guess what?   I forgot I had plopped a lemon-tomato into the ground!   I got this armload of juicy, tangy, pure-yellow tomatoes.   They pack a powerful punch of a taste, I tell you!   They are yellow through and through with no “green gooey seedy” centers, which Bryan accuses the red tomato of holding.   Oh-they are gooooood!


Sadly, today, I discovered the work of probably at least 2 hornworms chewing up my tomato plants.   I have never had a hornworm since living here (6 years) and this is not good.   Their natural enemy is the wasp and we seem to have plenty of them zooming around, but they did not do their job.   So, when I was cutting back some stringy petunias (which you really must force yourself to do about this time each  year for a spectacular late summer display) and a wasp charged me, I got out the spray and killed about 50 of them.   Dave threw away their little village.   Really-the one reason I let them live in the first place: hornworms!   I am going in deep to find those fat tomato killers, who  pretty much  look like  Heimlich from “A Bug’s Life,” (very rotund when having recently gorged on my tomato leaves) but are nothing more than satanic destroyers from hell.   They shall die I tell you!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…  


I ran into Baby Averi at Target and she told me to go ahead and roast up a batch of her green chiles (Averi’s Anaheim greens).   I picked a pile, along with some Macho Nacho Jalepenos and a couple of cucumbers.   The chiles  are slow roasting in the oven next to a pork butt and, baby, it is gonna be delish!   Green Chile is quintessential Colorado!

I have this strange domestic, cooking thing happening.   Somebody stop me…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:   Kill the hornworms.   Kill the hornworms.   Kill the hornworms…Seek and destroy!

pictured: lemon tomatoes from my garden, a nasty hornworm; Gav and Averi investigating her garden area, the chiles she grew…