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Cooking for Two

Trying to get the hang of it.

Very proud of myself for preparing all sorts of stuff ahead for this week: healthy and delish!  AHEAD!!  We eat out or pick-up TOO much!  Busy life.  Just as I was about to post this healthful factoid, Dave messaged me that he wondered if I would make some fudge…no doubt to go with the giant 3-layer coconut cake on the counter.  Tsk.  I don’t think so.

I figure, according to King Sooper’s deli dept, I just made 7+ side dishes and salads for $25-30 that would have cost me $60-75 through them.  Nice.  That is not even counting keeping my own boiled eggs on hand.  Did you know they sell those?!  Geesh.

Anyhow, I feel accomplished.  Cook once, eat 7: a good thing!

NOTE TO SELF:  Remember to tell Dave not buy so much fruit at once, espcially if he wants fudge. 

In unrelated news: I feel the need, the need for speed

TOP GUN tonight at The Orchard AMC!