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Opening Night “Is He Dead?”

Is He Dead, A New Mark Twain Comedy

Dave gets top mention in a “comically capable cast.”

Just sayin’.

Um…should they have put this article about “Is He Dead” next to the funeral notices?  Dave just asked me…O, my…think I better point it out.


I wrote to dailypost@localcolormag.com and just suggested that perhaps moving the article about the play to a different location in their magazine might be a better idea?

Their response, in full:

We don’ t have many options.


The Daily Post and

Local Color magazine

Write well – Do good

Suspenders @ The Armory


Renaissance Man

Dave-the-husband writes, paints, teaches, husbands, fathers, grandfathers and now he is acting again.  You can catch him this month in the newly renovated/restored Armory in Brighton with The Platte Valley Players.  He starts rehearsals this weekend for his next role as Daddy Warbucks in “Annie ~ The Musical” for Prairie Playhouse Productions. 

He says he is shaving his head.

I am shaking mine.  I guess I’ll be able to say, “I knew him when…”  But he still has to take out the trash.


Miss you, babe

I miss you.

Twenty-eight years of you and still, I have not had my fill.  You are only across the state, but it seems just as far as if you were across the ocean.

The evening is perfect.  If you were here you’d make me quit working to join you on the swing. 

Thank-you for stocking the fridge for me and filling up my tank and for your help on my projects before you left and for marrying me 28 years ago. 

I miss you, babe.  I’d marry you all over again, too.  xxxooo.

The Husband. The Friend and Lover.

Our first kiss was like,  fireworks ~ angel choirs ~ intoxicating ~ dizzying.  I am sorry to tell you I cannot really let you re-live that moment with Dave and I, for it was ours alone.  And to talk about it too much would embarrass our children and probably make you blush, but suffice it to say, once our lips met (and many, many times since), I was thoroughly, head-over-heels, giddy, heart-palpitating, screaming inside, flipped out in-love, forever.

And I remember how he reeled me in and made me a Dave-fan for life.  I was serious, untrusting, broken in lots of areas.  I was ready to try to hold him at arm’s length and test his love, his loyalty – dare him to try and stay.  And he?  Would playfully and persistently stay close and relentlessly charm and comfort until he could coax a relaxed smile from me – the one that only came because I knew I could count on him for always.


He is my Valentine.

To My Valentine


Happy Valentine’s Day, David Allen Rhoades, the love of my life!

You have been a wonderful friend and lover and husband and now an incredible grandfather, too.  I sang you a song for Valentine’s Day (click the link below).  In retrospect, I should’ve picked something a little easier, perhaps with more like a 3-note range?…  I am definately not “up to” a Broadway tune, but it is done now – for all to know:

I will never leave you.  I know you too well (through all of life’s stages) to let you go.  My head and heart are full of our memories, our life – things no one else can ever share.  I love you, Dave.

Be mine forever! Jeanie

SONG FOR DAVE: valentine-for-dave.mp3 link broken