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Family Farm

stormies-reunion-1-073 stormies-reunion-1-084

Stefanie and Wrex Phipps are just such generous and giving people.  They let us crash their farmland and just became a part of the Moslander family from far and wide as we celebrated and re-unioned together last week.  Thank-you sooooooooo much, Stef and Wrex.  EVERYBODY fell in love with you just like we did when we first met you.  You made us so welcomed and were just a part of us!  We love you and will never forget the great time at the farm!  pictured: the farmer and his drop-dead gorgeous wife; Stef and Dessa


s7300019 s7300020 s7300027

Aunt Tami-finger licking good; Uncle Gerron saying, “Down boy-Tami is mine.”; Elise-the-Niece and me

s7300025  s73000281    

Austin feeding the calf; Dawn and Robin, my beautiful sisters-in-law…and two of the godliest women I know

tamis-reunion-pics-444 tamis-reunion-pics-449  stormies-reunion-1-002 

Goat says, “Really.  What do you city folk want?”; Cowboy Wrex bringing the horses; Hunter saddled up

stormies-reunion-1-008 stormies-reunion-1-010 stormies-reunion-1-024

Tredessa swinging the rope and getting her steer; Averi taking control of the bull

stormies-reunion-1-016  stormies-reunion-1-025 stormies-reunion-1-058

Cousin Corbin roping; Gemma bull-riding; the boys being little cow-pokes

 stormies-reunion-1-041 stormies-reunion-1-044 stormies-reunion-1-109

My mom has always, and I mean always been a cowgirl at heart!; Tristan with his kiddies; Guini and the goat

stormies-reunion-1-052  stormies-reunion-1-063 stormies-reunion-1-072  

Tredessa lassos her cousin Corbin (certainly he deserved it for one ornery thing or another he said); the little ones lasso-ing; Dave and his food

stormies-reunion-1-080 stormies-reunion-1-075 stormies-reunion-1-085 

Hunter and his corn-on-the-cob; Averi and hers; Gavin and the goat

stormies-reunion-1-092 stormies-reunion-1-093 stormies-reunion-1-097  

Corbin; Rocky; Uncle Joe playing horseshoes and losing (to his 71-year-old mother)

stormies-reunion-1-122 stormies-reunion-1-038 ourcamreunion09-241 

Uncle Gerron with Jordan and Austin; my mama roping again; Stephanie and Tristan

stormies-reunion-1-125  stormies-reunion-1-096 

Uncle Gerron and Uncle Joe; Rocky and Corbin shooting…plastic bottles and stuff

stormies-reunion-1-128 stormies-reunion-1-137 stormies-reunion-1-140

The bonfire Wrex built; Aunt Dawn and Guini; Wrex and Austin stoking the fire

  stormies-reunion-1-142  stormies-reunion-1-165 s7300050

The boys roasting marshmallows; Guini and Hunter walking down the road as the sun disappeared; a beautiful summer evening with family around the fire

stormies-reunion-1-172  stormies-reunion-1-180 

above: Our hostess Stef with sisters Tara and Tredessa;  Aunt Dawn and Guini doing sparklers

below: Uncle Gerron is loved by animals and toddlers alike – here with GemGem; Hunter and his fireworks

s7300046 s7300057

It was an unforgettable evening of love on the farm with the fam.

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The Moslanders Came to Denver & here is a glimpse of the time together…

ourcamreunion09-003 ourcamreunion09-0242 ourcamreunion09-005 

pictured:  At Mile High Flea Market ~ Jordan, the semi-pro football player; Uncle Gerron innocently shopping for the right pair of jeans; Aunt Tami with Jovan and Averi

ourcamreunion09-050 ourcamreunion09-009 ourcamreunion09-021 

pictured:  me (what the heck with the hair??) and my mama; cousins Tara & Elise; Gerron and Dave, the bro-in-laws (some people think Tami and I married brothers becuz we both went for the hot Latino types)

pictured below: Elise with her daddy and my brother, Joe; Elise at the jeans shop, where unbeknownst to her, there was the inevitable Moslander-booty discussion happening; Tara and her Aunt Tami discussing tank tops

ourcamreunion09-028 ourcamreunion09-029-copy1 ourcamreunion09-045 

What on earth did we do?

We gathered, we ate, we Mile-Hi flea marketed, we cooked out at the farm (Stef and Wrex~  Thank-you so much for an unforgettable evening) and roped “cattle” and rode horses and played horseshoes.  We bonfired and sang, we talked and talked and took pictures.  We prayed.   We cried sometimes and laughed a lot.  We ate some more.  Robin cookie-ed us silly!  We shot off fireworks (which may or may not have been illegal from over the Wyoming state line) and BBs and air-soft pellets.  Grandma (or great-grandma) Moslander whipped everybody’s butts in horseshoes at the age of 71-years-young!  Seriously?  If she would color her hair, you’d only think she was 54 by her activity-level.  She also perfected her roping skills after the lesson from Cowboy Wrex.  The woman kills!  We ate some more.   In short, we just hung out together.

ourcamreunion09-062 ourcamreunion09-101 ourcamreunion09-184

pictured: Dawn and Dan and Grandpa Moslander relaxing; the little ones on the horses; praying before the big steak and corn on the cob and all the other delish food meal

ourcamreunion09-212 ourcamreunion09-216

pictured: Aunt Tami can truly talk to the animals!

ourcamreunion09-103 ourcamreunion09-109 stormies-reunion-1-003

pictured: a horse, of course; Tristan and Gemma riding; Rocky and Guini riding into the sunset

ourcamreunion09-201 ourcamreunion09-199

pictured: Grandpa Moslander reverted to his farm days as a kid and spent a lot of time feeding the mama goat and the albino calf

ourcamreunion09-120 ourcamreunion09-123 ourcamreunion09-182

pictured: Aunt Tami with her new friend the horse; Guini and Hunter riding by; Grandma Moslander winning at horseshoes

ourcamreunion09-230 ourcamreunion09-218

pictured: Uncle Joe and Grandpa visiting between songs; the calf

Not Pictured:

The giant 3 1/2 foot snake that almost ran right over my feet!  Yes.  It was a giant!

Psalm 34.11  “Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.”

Sneak Peek


I kiddingly (kind of intending the pun) asked my friend, the goat-farming-guru, if I could borrow a baby goat for my annual grandkids-Nativity picture.  He said, “Sure.  Would you like some other animals?”  Next thing I knew, I had, at my disposal, several hundred choice farm animals, should I desire.


A short-lived break in the frigid weather provided a very sunny morning (the kids were majorly layer-dressed under these costumes and fared quite well, thank-you very much).  We gathered at the Ritchie farm in Brighton just under a barn awning and snapped a few shots.  The animals were so much fun.  Naturally, we never got a shot with all of the kids looking at the same thing or at the camera because they were enoying the goats and cats and sheep and the donkey just like we adults were!  But what a fun fun fun day!


Most embarrassing moment: 

Farmer Wrex handed me the rope which held a donkey on one end and 2 wiley billy goats on the other (I am giving them these labels to make it sound better for me).  Now, they had just been standing there, tied together, but behaving…until he handed me the rope.  “Hold this,” he tells me.  I am standing there looking all “city girl” my kids said.  The second Wrex walked away, the donkey screeched and jerked his head and the 2 goats decided to bolt.  Basically the three animals tried to put me in a strangle-hold.  My whole family, except for my wonderful son, who will now be willed all my earthly goods when I die, were just laughing their heads off, watching me push back on the rope with all my might (with my weany-arms) trying to keep the goats from dragging me to a certain snow-burn death, my shoes just sliding straight backwards to the sound of raucous hee-hawing (my family AND the donkey!).  Rocky saved me.  Still, I am sure I was born to farm.  I would just need different shoes.

Dress-up, anyone?

Yes, I do plan to subject the grandkiddos to this every single year, because it just stinking makes me smile! 

Tonight, I finally get to go through and decide what to do for our Christmas cards (nothing like waiting until that last second, huh?).  And the more chaotic the shot, the more I smile!

What could be more merry and bright than this?…Jeanie

Thumbnails, click for larger image.  Pictured: Guini as Mary, Gemma as an angel, Hunter as a shepherd and Gavin as Joseph.  Averi as an angel, Averi’s daddy goofing around, Hunter corraling his baby goat.  The animals arriving for the photo shoot, and a woolly lamb.

Thanks Wrex and Stefane!!!