The Yeast Infection Song

Oh, what would you do if I weren’t here to keep recent history alive in your heart and soul?  :)

tony orlando and dawn 2

That’s right.  There is a yeast infection song from the 1970s.  Written by Irwin Levine and Toni Wine, it was the first hit for Tony Orlando and Dawn** the summer of 1970, a worldwide hit, no less.  It’s called “Candida,” and sadly, I think it is about a girl, but the girl is named, I am sorry to tell you, a fungus!

The stars won’t come out

If they know that you’re about

‘Cause they couldn’t match the glow of your eyes

And, oh, who am I?

Just an ordinary guy

Tryin’ hard to win me first prize


Oh, Candida

We could make it together

The further from here girl the better

Where the air is fresh and clean

Hmm hmm, Candida

Just take my hand and I’ll lead ya

I promise that life will be sweeter

And it said so in my dreams

Yea-well, buddy – life shouldn’t be much sweeter because processed sugar overload is what causes the candida fungus to overtake a woman’s bacterial gut balance.  And an overgrowth of candida is just way more sweet love than we are after.  So, ya know.

Here is a shortened version with some pretty fine lip-synching.  It’s enough to prove it’s out there!

This guy is sweet on Candida, but I guarantee you, women around the world are NOT!  :)

OK!  Just having a little fun today.  It isn’t “technically a yeast infection song, just about a girl of the same name and I hope she is going by her middle name today.  “Regina? Delores?”  {{see Seinfeld?}}

tony orlando and dawn 1

Were they gorgeous and groovy, or what???  Who can guess my fav Tony Orlando & Dawn song ever???


**People who follow pop culture of that era may recall the Hammond High School (Hammond, Louisiana) version of Tony Orlando and Dawn known as Barry Landry and Sunset, group members including the very talented Cheryl Bardwell, pianist Barry Landry and yours truly – singing such great covers as “Torn Between Two Lovers,” “Let Me Be There,” and their greatest hit by far, “It’s the Right Time of Night” at a big school program in the gym!  Look for the Time-Life collection coming soon!  ;)

2 thoughts on “The Yeast Infection Song

  1. Ummm…Candita is a nickname of mine from high school friends! Not sure if I want to be called that now…thank goodness there’s a slight spelling difference!

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