A Brisk Autumn Morning

It's a cool, crisp 64-degrees just past 10:30 am this fine fall morning – right here inside my kitchen!  That's right, folks, Dave and I have not turned on the heat one time yet this fall (meaning the appliance in the basement with a pilot light, not, you know, the other heat…*blush), even though it has been getting pretty nippy.  We had a solid frost yesterday morning and as I walked across the cold, hard, ceramic tile to make coffee, it felt like I was on ice.  A quick glance at the thermometer said 57-degrees, and this was inside!  I could nearly see my breath.


We love the game to see how long we can go without turning on the furnace.  It's crazed.  Dave keeps telling me to go ahead and turn it on.  He wants me to break the streak.  But we'll see how he does this weekend (although I have heard we are in another warming trend)! 

The only time I "fudged" was when Gavin was coming over.  I turned on the oven for about 10 minutes so my grandson would not turn blue and freeze to death.  Other than that, I remain strong, almost pioneer-like, even though I live in suburbia.  I am toughing it out.

Baby, it's cold inside…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Maybe I'll let Dave win.

9 thoughts on “A Brisk Autumn Morning

  1. We haven't turned on our heat either.  We don't plan too for at least a couple more weeks.  Maybe we will see if we can make it to Thanksgiving….. 

  2. Kindly remove this post as soon as possible!  Quite possibly Rob could stop by and read it!  He's been trying to avoid using our furnace at all costs – I made him break down and use it a couple of times, but if he reads this and hears you and Dave have made a challenge game of it all, it could be all over for me!  I don't want to have to lug an afghan around the house for warmth everywhere I go – it might catch on fire as I stand with it wrapped around me while cooking! Sigh – I'm writing this from my warm and toasty hotel room – ah the joys of not having to pay the hotel heating bill!

  3. As a person that works in 0 to -10 degrees for 8 to 10 hours a day I say I get enough cold at work. I say turn on the heat my feet are still cold!!!!!!!!!

  4. A quick story. I've known Carol Ann's cousin for 20 years now. We take our  breaks together. The other day the freezer was extremely cold , I know it sounds funny but it gets colder when its cold outside. At break I told Dan that it was very cold in there, he replied "Yeah its cold in Dry" (the warmest area of the warehouse) and that the thermometer on his forklift said it was all the way down to 64 degrees. I told himto shut up and  that if he kept talking I was going to slap him, mine was reading 2 degrees. I didn't have a lot of sypmathy for him, in his light jacket, when I have on at least 2 layers of clothing and a freezer suit with a mask. The outfit makes me look like a cross between a ninja and a teletubbie.

  5. True, true. Bry does look like a ninjatubbie with clown feet. One day I saw him and couln't stop laughing. hehehe I have to turn the furnace on the poor man is freezing when he gets home. Heat its a good thing.

  6. Thank Goodness Eric doesn't read blogs!! Oh the torture I would endure!! Yes, he likes to play the "How long can we go without turning on the heat" game, (I turn it on whenever I wanna.) But that man has done some crazy things concerning frigid temperatures, only one of which I feel is permittable to share here: When I first met Eric he still lived with mom and dad and his room was in the basement, (so already a bit cooler than the rest of the house.) He had a waterbed in his room, which I thought was cool, because I also had a waterbed(this was '90.)  HOWEVER–the first time I sat down on said waterbed my tush met with a frozen welcome! The crazy 19 year old had removed the heating element from the water bed, had no mattress pad under his sheet, only 1 lonely topsheet and a light blanket to separate himself from certain frigidity (sp?)…And YES, this is exactly how he preferred it!!! Needless to say when we got married, we took MY waterbed, with all of the appropriate (warming) accessories and the thermometer was set to 70 degrees. (I kept trying to bump it to 80, he kept getting angry). We compromised at 70….

  7. BOO HOO BOO HOO            OH WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!    Let me tell you about COLD!!!!!!   :(:(:(Here in lovely Iowa, it is 28 degrees with about 60 miles an hour wind!!!!!!!NOW, THAT IS COLD!!!!!! (and I am not including the humidity)   Even my car coughed this morning and begged me not to force it to go outside when I went to get it out of the garage.   I WISH we had 64 degrees!!!   Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the weather that could freeze your…………..nose off.  So, don't talk to me about turning the heat on.   Our cup of coffee could freeze justsitting on the kitchen cupboard if we didn't turn the heat on.You get NO sympathy from me!!!!!!   luv ya..jkp

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