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Goody!!  Jovan says we get to nominate names for baby-to-be (due in March).  We each get to submit one girl’s name and one boy’s name as a back-up.

Boy name.

Even though Rocky & Jovan have already nixed it, my boy-name nomination remains: David Allen Rhoades III.  When we named Rocky after Dave (not “junior,” but “David Allen Rhoades II”), we did it with an eye toward the future.  Dave (the first) didn’t actually want to name a son after himself, but he was adopted and it just seemed, after Rocky was born, that it would be a nice way to leave legacy, a way for Dave to pass on something of himself into the future since he didn’t have a lot of past to give.  And we did it with the thought that there would someday be a David Allen Rhoades III – never even considering that it wouldn’t be our choice to make!  Haha!   

We learned quickly, in 1984 (after only 10 or 11 days, I think),  that having a second David in the house was going to be confusing, so new-baby-son became “Rocky” and has been known that way since. (Rocky after our favorite movie boxer, not the cereal, ice cream or TV show)

Rocky and Jovan won’t use my boy name nomination, but I submit it humbly, nonetheless.  Not only is there the family-heritage piece, but there is David in the Bible and he was awesome!!  So I will even suggest these possible nicknames for possible-baby-boy-Rhoades to be known by, since the family already has its’ share of Daves and Davids.  He could be known as “Dusty” (an old family name), or even “Roman Rhoades.”  “Country” would be interesting, or  how about “Scholar?”   All viable choices, I think.

My boy-name submission:  David Allen Rhoades III + a nickname

Girl’s names.

Now, on the girl front, I have several I’d like to submit, but I am only allowed one.  ONE!  So I need help with which one!  Which should I do from these three?


Jericho, “Coco” for short.  IF I had had one more child back in the 80’s, which statistically speaking would almost certainly have been a girl (right?), I’d have named her Jericho.  That’s right: Jericho Rhoades.  I decided I’d done enough to populate the earth with Godly seed, though, so I dropped out of baby-making and left that perfectly wonderful name choice just sitting there – for some one else to use.

As for a middle name on this?  It could be anything, really.  Maybe “Belle” because that was my Grandma’s middle name and my dad always says if he had it to do over, he’d have named me “Jeanie Belle.”  Then, if we called Jericho “Coco,” she’d be “Coco Belle,” which sounds a little like “Coco Chanel,” the famous French fashion designer who so impacted the last century. 

But then would little ornery boys on the playground be “Cukoo for Coco Puffs?”  Hmmm…probably….but is that necessarily a bad thing?

So, that is it.  My first possible nomination in the girl’s category is Jericho Belle.  Or just Jericho, leaving the middle name to her parents, TBD, because I am thoughtful like that.


Maisy Grace (Maisy like Daisy, or it could be spelled “Maizy).  I think it is a fairly obvious reference to the song, “Amazing Grace,” and you cannot go wrong pinning a name like “Grace” on a little girl.  Look what it did for Grace Kelly.  I believe I even wanted Tristan and Stephanie to name Gemma “Gracie,” because their last name IS Kelley!  Come on!

I have already told Jovan I am liking this name for a granddaughter of mine.  So whaddya think?  Maisy Grace Rhoades?


Abigail, Abby for short.  Can’t you just see it?  Abby Rhoades.

Now Bryan will tell you he came up with this first – way back before Averi was born.  And judging by blogs written, he is right.  He did.  I thought it just came to me like a heavenly vision one day.  I was thinking of cute names that began with “A” because Jovan wanted “A” names and suddenly there it was:  like Abby Road, THE faahaaa-mous record by the Beatles, based on a the faahaaa-mous Abby Road pedestrian crossing in London, England (which you can watch live on the internet).  I mean, how cute is that?

For a middle name, though?  Abigail Belle…hmmmmm….nooooo.  That doesn’t work.  So, I respectfully submit Jovan’s mom’s shortened name, Jo (from JoAnn).  Abigail Jo, or Abby Jo Rhoades.

Possible girl’s names:

  • Jericho Belle (or TBD) Rhoades, “Coco”

  • Maisy Grace Rhoades

  • Abigail Jo Rhoades “Abby Rhoades”


Which one shall I submit?!?

10 thoughts on “Baby Names

  1. If I have to pick one of your’s then I pick Maisy Grace but I really think I should have a say in this and so I submit….Lilly Belle. Perfect!

  2. Let’s see I think Jericho is unique in a good way. I like it a lot actually. Little Jericho, so cute! But then again I think Abby is really cute. And if they went with Abby Jo Rhoades I would for sure call her Abby Jo all the time! :) But I think you have some good choices! I like them all!

  3. Awe! Thanks Jeanie!(You really should get Facebook!)
    I think Abby is the way to go.. I mean just picture this:
    Stranger meeting Rocky Rhoades clan for first time (we’ll call her Lucy): “HI! Awh, what a gorgeous family!”
    Rocky: “This is my wife Jovan!”
    Lucy: “Nice to meet you Jovan!” *looks down* “And who are these 2 cuties?!”
    Rocky: “These are my 2 beautiful daughters, Averi and Abby.”

    Seeeeee! Isn’t that just presh?! I. Think. Yes. =]

  4. I like Abby best of the three but Jerico is cool too. If you are worried about the playground kids though they would have a field day with either.

  5. Elise and I submitted Addyson Elise to her today. Could be Addy Lee shortened. Fun times. I personally like Emerson as well…not sure of a boy’s submission, still thinking about it.

  6. I think the cutest combo you came up with is definitely Abagail Jo. Averi and Abby. VERY CUTE. I have to get to work on my name entry!

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