Butterfly Cakes

70_27030  see more pics of Alyssa’s cake and party here AND here…

Baby Ally’s Personal 1-year-old Birthday Cake

A chocolate butterfly cut-out, approximately 11″ x 13″  (hand cut from a 12″ x 16″ pan) decorated to compliment her butterfly balloon set (the color and inspiration for the whole party).  There are butterfly-shaped pans out there.  Why did I not use one?  I thought I’d be clever, I guess, and create my own.

copy-of-birthday-049 late-april-032-copy  late-april-041 birthday-053  

Alyssa’s grandma (Pearl) says the birthday girl liked her cake.

The guest cake

Two-tier, 3-layer cakes (approx. 6″ height each tier).  The bottom square: my rather infamous lemon-poppyseed filled with lemon curd cream.  The top tier, chocolate-fudge pudding cake with milk chocolate filling.  Buttercream over all.

 late-april-044 late-april-060

late-april-056 late-april-048

All together

About 3 dozen eggs, 4 pounds of butter, 7+ pounds of cake flour, some canola oil, less than 5 pounds of sugar, 6+ pounds confectioner’s sugar, the juice and zest of a dozen large lemons (smells soooo good), chocolate moistening syrup.

late-april-050 late-april-053 late-april-058 birthday200761

Alyssa will be one this week!  Just a little over a year ago we were having a baby shower for her mommy (and daddy), Audrey and Ben.  A quick look back at the shower and then a glance at this cake and you’ll know Audrey-the-artist-and-mommy is not afraid of color!  Nothing pastel about her!  Aaaah… Time flies and life is a celebration!

Until next time…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: cookie decorating with the grand-bebes to use up the rest of the icing.

pictured:  the cake, of course….the final pic is Ally’s cake after she’d had a chance to dig in.  I am still having photo-posting problems here at the blog and my silly camera flash was not usable (boooooo).  What you can’t see is that the butterflies were also glittery.  It was a happy cake!

10 thoughts on “Butterfly Cakes

  1. The cake was as delicious as it was beautiful!!! I must quit typing now because my hands are shaking from the sugar overload in my system.11 lbs of sugar hmmmm… I think I’ve only eaten about ten soooo it must be time for another piece!!!!

  2. It was sooooo beautiful we hated to cut into it! The BEST cake anywhere, soooo good! Alyssa did love it once she was awake enough to realize it was cake, it was sweet, it was her’s to dig into! I’m sure she’s enjoying it today as well. You just amaze me Jeanie! Steven asked when he gets a Jeanie birthday cake…..we’ll have to talk. Think drums.heeehhheee. And I’d love to help. XXXOOO You’re the BEST!!!!

  3. The cake turned out so cool! I love all of the bright colors!
    Happy Birthday Alyssa!

  4. Thank you SO much Jeanie! Everyone loved the cake. Ally is still getting pieces of her cake and is still enjoying it!

  5. Wow! Bright and sparkly decadence! They look AMAZING! You must put this on jeaniecakes.com. Hey, did you mention how much food coloring went into them? LOL.

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