Carol Ann’s Casa – HOME TOUR!

Carol Ann Kelly, the  world’s foremost authority on all things Bolivia (where she grew up as a missionary’s kid),  and the wildly popular pastor’s wife and worship leader at NHCC is allowing us a HOME TOUR!   In mostly her own words with a few of my thoughts as well, we’ll begin in the heart of her home, the warm kitchen  – as inviting as your favorite, slightly obscure coffee shop.  Carol Ann’s comments will be in quotation marks.  Come in and look around!

Carol Ann’s Casa

“Well…I LOVE color, but not primary or pastel colors. I also don’t like flowery decor, but more bold pieces, whimsical.”

house_003_sized house_013_sized

 “I like warm earthy colors – they are relaxing to me.  I’ve always loved coffee houses with the deep earthy colors and so when Rob and I decided to take on the painting of our stark white walls which I hated, we enlisted Mae Linnemeyer’s help.  I shared with her my ideas and together we worked on creating space that we’d love to hang out in.”

house_026_sized house_028_sized house_027_sized

“We removed the traditional kitchen table space and replaced it with two whimsical chairs and a coffee table and a new light fixture.  The coffee table is the kind you can pull out and make into a table, which is fun.”

house_025_sized1 house_012_sized

“I also wanted to add details that you’d be surprised by, so I don’t think you can tell from the pics, but on my walls above the kitchen counters I have putty stencils of a coffee mug with steam coming out…same color as the walls so it’s subtle, but fun when it’s discovered.  I sketched the mug and Mae helped create the putty stencils.”

From Jeanie: the putty stencil mugs are genius.  Wish I could have made them show up!



“I also wanted different window treatment from the standard blinds and curtains, so Mae helped me sew coffee bags together as more of an awning treatment like you’d see on the outside of a coffee shop, we just brought it inside.”

house_018_sized house_001_sized

“The long mirrors in the front living room were purchased at a hotel outlet store and we painted them and then sand-papered them to look well worn.  Again, taking what’s outside and moving inside, we took garden trellis and hung them on the wall – I especially liked these trellis’ because they have the ‘Fleur-Elise’ symbols on them which remind me of Leesy.”

house_010_sized house_009_sized house_017_sized

“Above our piano, we put hooks that go across the whole wall.  Then found hanging metal baskets for our sheet music – a lot more fun than a piano bench storage option!”

house_016_sized house_011_sized house_030_sized

“I love black and white painting and old gas station, license plates decor.  It was our previous decor before we went with coffee house stuff and I didn’t want to part with it…so it is now our bathroom and hallway decor and works perfect.”

house_024_sized house_021_sized

house_022_sized house_023_sized

“The guitar pics are Rob’s choice but I love them.  We are a family that LOVES music, so you’ll see this and coffee expressed throughout the house…I also love black and white pics.  The pic on the mantel of Rob and I is my favorite ever picture of us.  My niece Morgan caught me laughing and it represents my relationship with Rob – filled with humor and warmth.”

house_007_sized house_019_sized  house_006_sizedhouse_sized house_034_sized

Jeanie’s favorite part of Carol Ann’s house~

“The corkboard wall and blackboard pantry door is a lot of fun and we often completely change it up for the occasion.  In the picture you have it was “Christmas-fied”.  It’s been a mural for Robbin and Bethany’s grad parties and is just waiting to be transformed again for Elise.”


From Jeanie: Yes-this wall of cork and the blackboard door are THE centerpiece.  Even before I knew Carol Ann, this part of her home (in the kitchen) when she first did it , created a stir.  Everyone was raving!  It is where you go and stand and soak in whatever is there.  It is an ever-changing piece of art, a place to outwardly post the colorful lives of the Kelly family.

When I asked Carol Ann to remind me about her theory of drinking coffee on a very hot summer day (in which she is a firm believer), for I remember her explaining to me that if it is very hot out, drinking hot cofee will make you feel cooler, she only replied:  “…Yes, coffee is to be consumed in any temperature, any time of day, for any reason!  :-)”

Thanks for the welcoming look inside, CAK…Jeanie

previous tours here: Amy’sTara’smine (the post that kicked it all off)…another one of mine…and can you believe more of mine?…Pearl’sRobin’s…and there is more to come!

still with the picture problems here at the blog – aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh….sorry you can’t click and SEE!

7 thoughts on “Carol Ann’s Casa – HOME TOUR!

  1. So now I’m noticing all the stuff like a glimpse of Elise’s birthday balloon, a glimpse of a jacket hanging on the wall…etc. :-)

    Now if I can just get the upstairs and downstairs finished! Elise’s room in the basement is really fun, but I’ll have to catch it after she does a cleaning, ha! It’s black, red and tan. My mom made her an amazing quilt and we built her room around it. We painted the weird pink and blue floral linoleum floor a glossy black – turned out great!

    To Jeanie’s Blog Readers: I highly recommend connecting with Mae Linnemeyer if you need help in discovering a great look for your home! She does that for a living and is amazing!

    I’m enjoying all the home tours! :-)

  2. Hey! I like the Iowa license plate. I looked up county 82. Union. that’s where Creston is, where my grandparents pastored when my parents got married until after my first brother was born. I remember riding the train from Marion to Creston. Big adventure. Guess that was all about me, and nothing about the post. Beautiful home Carol Ann! I don’t even drink coffee, and I find it fascinating.

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