Garden Debris as Decor


As thoroughly infatuated as I was watching the red onions carve out their architectural space in the garden (I wrote about it HERE), they were not invited to that spot.  No, not all all.  In fact, that particular space in that specific 4 x 4 (see Square Foot Gardening) had been called for by another crop and we signed the lease some time ago.  However, I was happy tp let them homestead until time to plant the new crop.

I pulled them out today.  I was ever-so-slightly reluctant, as the flower heads would have popped into their glorious splendor later this week for certain (at which time they’d have sent their seed frolicking and invading the rest of the backyard and garden).  But my pre-soaked green bean seeds could wait no longer.


No pre-thought-out arrangement.  I just stuffed them into my biggest container, where they were free to shoot in whichever direction they so desired..

Gathering the uprooted reds to carry to the house, I decided I’d dry and use the bigger onions, but throw the rest in a vase for my own enjoyment.  I have them on the coffee table where they are emitting the very slight, subtle and truly sweet perfume that an onion possesses. 

Yes, they had put down roots where they didn’t belong and had tried to claim the middle square as their own, but I couldn’t just leave them out on the street, could I?  We are enjoying our mutually satisfying arrangement.  I have quenched their thirst in a cool house and they are looking very green and happy and structural for me.  It is a win-win.


Other garden debris you can enjoy

I also like using pruned shubbery twigs in vases, painted tree linbs on walls or in containers with uplights on them, zinnias from the pots, and rocks.  Garden castaways can have a second life if you can take the time to find the beauty.

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