Happy Anniversary, Stephanie & Tristan


Well, as the first to be married, you were the ones we really practiced on!  Six years ago, only 2 days after Christmas (I thought you were trying to kill me), you were married and danced your first dance – under the upside-down-white-tree-trimmed-in-crystals-and-strewn-with-thousands-of-white-lights-looking-ever-so-"giant chandelier-ish" (a similiar version hangs in The Celebration Center at Northern Hills this year, courtesy of your brother, Rocky).  And Christmases have changed in their look and feel and sound ever since!

December 27, 2001 was relatively quiet and oh-so-lovely.  You chose old world, and elegance: deep wine and winter white with lots of sparkle and candles in a church that overlooked the Boulder Valley-shimmering in Christmas lights – all for your wedding!  It was regal and traditional with a twist: Radiohead provided the background as you danced and I am still wondering: what the heck were they saying??!?


Your love and the family you have created have, in many ways, have shaped the landscape of our family celebrations and certainly led the parade to the joyous festivities we now experience.  Yes, in six, short years you've gone from being just the ever-cool, cutting-edge, on-their-way-to-London Tristan and Stephanie to the ever-cool parents of 2 awesome redheads and an adorable blond.  As your family has grown, our whole family has, too, and life is a little more exciting and interesting and louder than it used to be and that is OK!  It is, in fact, great!


Steph, you know we know you got the best!  You chose well.  Tristan, thank-you for choosing Stephanie and fearlessly becoming one of us.  We all love your love for each other!

Happy Anniversary, my darling ones…mom


PICTURED:   Steph & Tris with Gavin, early 2004; just the 2 lovebirds in Dec. 2004 (pregnant with Guini); Easter 2007, about a month before Gemma was born; Thanksgiving 2007 – the whole Kelley family.

7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Stephanie & Tristan

  1. Thanks Mom!  It's so hard to believe that I've been married for 6 years!  Tristan is the most incredible husband.  It still gives me chills to think about the first time we held hands, the first time we kissed, the first time he told me he loved me……*happy sigh*  He is wonderful! I don't think it's too early to start planning our 10 year anniversary vow renewal is it?  heehee;o)

  2. Happy 6th Anniversary to two of the most sincere people I've ever known.  I love your hearts toward God, eachother, and your babies.  It was amazing witness this at our family reunion.  You two flow together so well. Love you.

  3. Happy anniversary to two of the most amazing people I know!  Your Godly marriage is such an example to us all(even we singles). 

  4. Happy Anniversary!I still remember watching you guys at mom and dads (all over each other..hehehhe) before I was married. I knew by watching you how much you loved one another and I wanted to be just like that. I got yelled at all the time for being just like you two! We are so blessed to be surrounded by you and of course the kiddos. Why not do a 7 year wedding renewal cause if Dessa and Stormie don't get busy we are going to need another wedding here soon!!! ;) LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

  5. Yes, I remember the day, it was glorious! And little did I know just how glorious it would be. Tristan, I'm so glad that Steph got you and you got Steph and the product of the union goes without saying, I love those little guys! You are blessed together. You compliment each other. You complete each other. I love you both and I'm so glad that finally Tristan doesn't  have to spend Christmas eating cereal out of a plastic bowl all alone any more! I love you…

  6. Happy Anniversary, you two!!!  It has been such a joy to watch you two grow together and your love and wisdom deepen.  You are raising three of the most wonderful children I know (Hey, I can be biased, I'm a proud aunt.) and that's because you love them, love each other, but most importantly, love the Lord.  I pray that God, one day VERY soon, will bring my husband along and that we can be spurred on in our relationship by watching you.  Thank you for walking this road in a Godly fashion to be an example for all of us.  I love you both!  Happy Anniversary!

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