Happy Birthday, Norma Jean

Mom and Dad

It is my mom’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mommiekins-

This is a big one!   Are you doing OK?   I won’t say how old you are, but will only mention you graduated high school in 1957.   But life is good, right?   You finally got dad to retire, sort of.   We’ll keep on him, mamala!

I think it is an amazing thing that the yearbook committee described you as, “A girl certain to please God.”   And long before Rick Warren published that wildly popular little volume on ‘purpose,’ you’d already determined yours: To live a holy life by walking close to the Lord.

And my sweet mama-I think you have fulfilled God’s purpose for your life in your generation!   I believe you have pleased God.   I am making the call – you have lived and are living  a holy life because something of the sacred permeates all the hours and minutes of your life.   You are blessed.   You were a loved daughter, and are now an honored mother and grandmother and great-grandmother.   You walk in health and the beauty of a heart that always chose love and believing the best in people.

I just wanted to say that you are the woman I admire above all others   I thank-you for asking God for me, for loving me and raising me for Jesus.   I still tear up at the line in the country song, “And when the day is done, my mama’s still my biggest fan,” because I know that and carry it close everyday!

So-know that you are called blessed.   Know that all of your children and their children and their children’s children call you blessed and praise God for you.   We’re the reason you were born – in case you wanted to know!

Stay for a long, long time, mamala.   I love you!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:   Call mom – wish her a happy day!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Norma Jean

  1. Oh my sweet, beautiful Grandma!!
    I love you so much! You have added so much to my life by serving the Lord and being a woman who pleases Him and also loves others! You have been a teacher, a friend, a confidante, a joy, a safe place, and someone to bake me cookies and make me laugh. Your kindness to people and animals is so good to watch and it makes me want to be more like you. You have already invested so much time and energy into my husband and my son too and you truly hold the title of GREAT and GRAND! I will love you forever! In you, God is well pleased.
    Your grandbaby,
    Tara Jean Powers


    A few things you have taught me…..
    1)how to play Yahtzee.
    2)dozens of card games!
    3)how to bowl(and how to lose gracefully).
    4)humbleness – you are with out a doubt the most humble person I know!
    5)the love of peanut butter bars;o)
    6)how to take a great photo.
    7)that hitting a tennis ball against the garage door leaves little marks that Grandpa does not appreciate.
    8)that I’m never too old for hugs!

    There are so many other things that you have taught me and given me throughout my life. Thank you for all of them! You are the best Grandma in the world!!

    I love you,

  3. You’ve reached God’s perfect number 10 times…that is saying something, Mom! I love you and am looking forward to us writing that story now that you’re finally going to be settleing down a bit. I hope you have a great birthday…if I were there I’d take you out for a big bowl of chowder…mmmmm, good! Have a great one! I love you,


  4. Happy Birthday Mom!
    To know you is to love you. To love you is to see you. To see you is to receive from you. The love it is to know you…

    I don’t know what all that means, but anyone who knows you doesn’t think of you as 70! I think you have more energy than I do!
    I love you, Mom…
    Your Indian/Mexican/by marriage – son :)

  5. Happy Birthday Grandmama!
    I love you so much! Thanks for always being there and teaching us fun card games and throwing ball with us. You are the greatest!

  6. To my Mom, the woman who can sing, play guitar, play piano, wistle dixie like nobody’s business, smack a softball, run great in a skirt, play volleyball, doctor her own broken finger, gain the admiration of young & old alike, have 5 babies & love each one of them like they’re the ONLY one, I’m so thankful to be – like Jeanie said – one of the reasons you were born. BEAUTIFUL applies to whatever excites the keenest of pleasure to the senses & stirs emotion through the senses. WONDERFUL is unusually good; admirable. You are hands-down the most beautiful & wonderful woman I know on this earth! You are the fairest of them all! Gerron knows how great he has it that none of the mother-in-law jokes apply in his life. And even Flopsy knows in his little dog-brain when you walk in the door (or he walks in yours) that right there is someone who loves him & makes him feel so special … just like the rest of us! :0) Thank you, Momma! We love you!

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