Happy Birthday to “our Jovanie”

Rocky found a wife.

One boy.  One chance to get the right woman.  So many {{sooooo many}} volunteers for the position.  Haha.  But he looked around and saw Jovan, his “friend.”  And he is a smart kid.  He knew a good woman when he saw her.  And he chose well.  And we are so proud of him for loving her and marrying her.  And we are so grateful she loves him back with such zeal and dedicated fervor.  Together, they are creating one of the most beautiful families you will ever see.  Rocky + Jovan = Averi (3) and Amelie Belle (1 1/2) for now…but sweet d-i-l promises me there will be more.

A great addition to the fam

Jovan comes from 2 gorgeous parents (both with amazing hair and over-the-top good looks).  Italians from New York.  And 2 gorgeous sisters.  She comes from fervent Jesus followers and prayer warriors.  She comes from good people.  And she is proof to us that God loves us.  He blessed us so.


Jovan sometimes models for www.maydae.com

Happy-happy-happy Birthday, Jovanie. On an All Hallow’d Eve’ so long ago, a day usually draped in black and night, a light was born.  Twenty-five years ago today, to be exact, a reflector of the love of Jesus Christ was born and the world can never again be as dark as it once was.  Shine on, sweet girl, godly woman, and gift-of-a-daughter you are.

Here is my birthday card for YOU.

I love you, girl!  I hope you will sense how much in the words on this “card.”  You have to look closely, but it is full of hope and love just for you!  (click to see larger)

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to “our Jovanie”

  1. Agreed, agreed, agreed! Sometimes (not often) I think about how horrible it would have been had Rocky married one of the other volunteers..haha, it would have been a mess. You are perfect not only for Rocky, but for our family – you fit just right…and in a family of all women, I know it must have been hard to make room for yourself where we sometimes overwhelm – but you did it seemlessly and we are SO glad you did! Thanks for marrying ALL of us, for loving my big brother and my sweet nieces – and being such an incredible friend. We were meant to be sisters from the start – whether it be from the Kluding route (so glad it wasn’t…haha) or how it actually happened. I could go on and on with memories of the two of us…I feel like we should reminisce sometime soon, it’s been too long. This…..is why we are friends. Love you sis, HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to you!!

  2. Thank you so much Mom for your words! They blessed me beyond what I could express! I am so very blessed to have entered into the most loving, most welcoming family a woman could ever ask for! My heart is over flowing with joy today and feeling oh so loved! Thank you for who you are and fro raising the man you did! I love you with all my heart!

    Stormie, that gives me so many giggles, I do not know where to begin! Haha! THIS……..is why we are friends!!! I cannot not express to you how happy I am we took the route we took to become sisters!! Haha! And honestly, it was really easy to come into the fam! You were all so welcoming, I never felt like I wasn’t one of you already! You are such an amazing sister to Rocky and now to me! And the Aunt that you are to my girls, confirms why we became such good friends way back in the day! I love you dearly and am sooooo down to reminisce VERY soon!! Too many memories we cannot forget!!

  3. Jio!!!! I’m SOOOOOOO GLAD that you were born 25 years ago today and stoked that you are in our family!!! You are stepping into your next 1/4 century timeframe, and you’re going to nail it!!!! I can’t wait to see how Jesus uses you and Rocky to shred for the Kingdom!! Happy Birthday!! :)

  4. Happy birthday, Jovannie!!! You seriously are the perfect addition to our family. I couldn’t think of a better woman to fit into the hole of a girl who would have to choose to be a part of our family, not just born in. I hope that your birthday was everything you wanted it to be. I love you so much! Thank you for being a sweet and wonderful sister who blesses this family immensely.

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