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As Stevie Wonder, who has a way with words, said, “Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom
Bom bom bom I love you.”

stevie wonder lyric


Words I like:

It’s only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away…” as the BeeGees sang. These are words and short turns of phrases that for some reason appeal to me.   I am gathering them from notes and bits of paper I have collected from here and there.   Each one draws some sort of response from me: a smile or tear, a laugh or cry, but something.

And concerning words?   This is wholly true: Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can hurt you worse!

And then, of course, there are the times that the withheld word can break your heart into a million pieces.  That, too.

Miscellaneous verbiage~

  • ipsissima verba the very words
  • glorious In, general, I like most words that end in “…ious”  such as victorious, spurious, furious, sumptuous, luscious, delicious…etc
  • bucolic relating to shepherds or herdsmen, pertaining to a rural life
  • iconoclasts individuals of singular vision who have transformed the cultural landscape
  • “takes one to know one” This is such a true saying, for both good and bad…we recognize traits and the hearts of people because we see our own reflection.   The people I dislike the most are so much like the parts of myself I am trying to hide.   On the flip side, when you meet a kindred spirit, one who shares your passions and dreams and who “gets” you, you both know it immediately.
  • domestic infelicities
  • “bourgeouis to the bone”
  • a state of happy vacuity
  • acidulous bitter, sacrcastic speech // I am way too drawn to this kind of talk.
  • flummoxed/flummery meaningless flattery or nonsense
  • pseudepigraphal spurious writings falsley attributed to biblical characters or times
  • graphomaniacal Is this blog not proof of this very thing in my life?
  • the convivial table lively feasting and banqueting with good company
  • pertater soup fer dinner (from Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch)
  • propitiation The Greek word for propitiation from the New Testament is the same as the Hebrew word for “Mercy seat” in the Old Testament!   Propitiation is “satisfaction” in a very general sense.   Jesus “satisfied” the debt, the cost of our salvation…must learn more about this rich and full word!
  • “the elect lady and her children” The 2nd epistle of John is addressed to her
  • eschew obfuscation Please do.
  • grace notes those unexpected and beautiful embellishments that make the piece richer, the song more piercing
  • “I understand” – because doesn’t being “misunderstood” just suck?
  • papilionaceous legumuous plants with flowers that resemble a butterfly // Tell me gardening does not provide the most delicious words, seriously!

Food words (a new collection because I love to describe food):

  • cornucopious
  • floral
  • ambrosial
  • piquant
  • unctious
  • succulent
  • penetrating
  • saporous
  • lucious
  • oleaginous
  • bathed in
  • carmelized
  • an herb chiffonade
  • pongsome

World Wide Words~the weird ones, {{click here}}


At the Movies

Movies I love, hardly any “block-busters” in the bunch:

  1. Return to Me(low budget, small, but such a great cast and story…see it!)  “What was God thinking?”  I became a David Duchovny fan because of this movie-he plays it beautifully.  And the old guys are the BEST!  Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra?  Well, I mean, Frank is Frank-you can’t argue with that, but, oh baby: Dean Martin!  For real!  SEE IT!  Seriously!
  2. Grace of My Heart…omygoodnesss…I love this movie!…(this may actually be THE quintessential “Jeanie” movie.  It may explain everything.) The soundtrack {I am suddenly speechless}…the soundtrack…
  3. Cold Comfort Farm “I saw something nasty in the woodshed”   The characters!  “There’ll be no butter in hell, I tell ya.”
  4. One Fine Day…one of the greatest movie kisses…wholesome love story takes place in one 24-hour period, “You’re just reeling me in, aren’t you?”  It is really hard to keep so many balls in the air.
  5. A League of Their Own great piece from one of my favorite periods, the 40s, looooove the soundtrack!
  6. Enchanted April…I need one!…”I just want to sit and not talk and not have to be the centre of attention all the time…”
  7. Room with a View “?” the great why???  “You DO love me, little thing.”
  8. Once should be seen several times.  Amazing soundtrack.
  9. I’m with LucyShe dates a gazillion guys…Barry:  I went to a 3-day tax seminar and I thought about you there.  Lucy:  You did?  Barry: Yeah, well taxes are in April and my sister’s birthday is in April.  She married a veterinarian.  That always makes me think of the time we went to the zoo and fooled around by the polar bear tank.
  10. Dream TeamDave says I am the guy in the looney-ward with the OCD cleaning compulsion.  I don’t see that.  I wanna be the Michael Keaton character.
  11. Best in ShowTrue dog lovers don’t care that much for this movie, but that is because it is about them!
  12. Waiting for Guffman Ok, Posie Parker?   She actually works at the Dairy Queen here in Brighton! Same people who made Best in Show.
  13. Grosse Pointe Blank “What is this I’m feeling?  Is it pain?  Panic?  Hunger?  Am I hungry?  Who’s hungry?”  Violence, language and charming all at once.  An old love returns to the scene of his crime…
  14. The Notebook So syrupy sweet, perhaps, but really sexy and wonderful, too (better ending than the book) “It wasn’t over.  It still isn’t over.”  A love letter every single day for a year??!
  15. Elf Captures the childlike wonder of Christmas so well, pretty to look at, too.  Don’t be a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins, if you can help it.
  16. Mona Lisa Smiles My favorite thing?  When each of her students does a paint-by-number of the classic Van Gogh sunflowers, and they each interpret it their own way.  I love that!  It speaks of the people you surround yourself with.  They are unique and communicate things differently, yet there is a common thread (you) that makes them all a part of the  beautiful whole.
  17. The Lake House falling in love via  real letters!  Love conquering time and space – OK, I had to suspend a lot of disbelief for this one and still can’t quite tell if they tied up the loose ends, but great ending and good soundtrack (you cannot go wrong with Paul McCartney, right?).  My advice to Keanu?  Always work with Sandra Bullock.  She makes you look really good.  Advice to Sandra?  Keep working with Keanu in movies where you are not in many scenes with him.  Safer for you!  “You waited.”
  18. Something New a gorgeous guy, a beautiful workaholic and a majestic garden.  I like it a lot!
  19. Baby Boom…classic Diane Keaton – another of the best movie kisses ever (when he stopped to help her with her flat tire).
  20. Big Night…food is beautiful and sensual.  Italians, right?
  21. Far and Away Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, she a sassy girl of wealth and privilege in Ireland, he, a common potato farmer.  They come to America looking for adventure and excitement and end up involved in the Land Rush of Oklahome in the late 1800’s where they find common ground, so to speak.  They are both strong-willed and young and beautiful in this one.  It was critically panned, but really is a beautiful movie and sizzling story!  Shannon: Pretend you love me.  Joseph: I pretend I love you.  Shannon: I pretend I love you, too.
  22. You’ve Got Mail…because it’s written by a writer   about books- great script, a gentle story…bouquets of sharpened pencils and, come on”  Meg and Tom!
  23. Planes, Trains and Automobiles…because you need a good Thanksgiving movie…beautifully relational…makes me laugh every single year…I have felt as frustrated as Steve Martin’s character at the airport  car rental counter, and maybe even acted like that… Everytime you go away, you take a piece of me with you…
  24. The Quiet Man…because you need a good St. Patrick’s Day movie on your list…the kiss, the slap, the passion-the wedding night!  “There’ll be no locks or bolts between us, Mary Kate, except those in your own mercenary little heart.”  Omygoodness!…John Wayne’s a man!
  25. The Sixth Sense…if you got to see it before some one ruined the ending, you know why I love it.   You can never experience it like that again, but that was amazing fun!.
  26. Twilight…don’t know why I should adore this movie because it is about high schoolers and vampires, but I can’t help myself!  The misfit and some one who sees her, loves her.
  27. Scent of a Woman…why?  Read about it here.


This photo captures something {breathtakingly} wonderful

I L-O-V-E love this photo from {THIS BLOG} 

How do I love thee?  Records.  Good old-fashioned  45 or 33 RPMs on vinyl.  Music of life crackling through speakers, songs that LP’ed their way into my heart’s forever-soundtrack.  Records – outside!  Inviting, warm, early-evening, late-summer air.  The smell of the neighbor’s freshly cut grass lingers as the sun is dropping slowly.  Blue hour is approaching.  But in the remaining light of day, red chairs around a big table full of people you love in the middle of a green expanse.  The food was good, backyard flowers and colorful plates the centerpieces.  A white fence, a sky-blue chair and a friend in sun-yellow.  Crickets’ song and across the way, just out of sight, the kids playing tag and swinging merrily.  Soon dessert and more lemonade (ice cream cones for the little ones) will come out and true relaxation will descend like the starry, blue-night sky and everyone will linger as long as the song plays on.

Um, yes.  That is what I get out of this photograph.

OOOOO-update!  I wanted to be able to give proper credit and found {this blog} 


The lyric

So there can be this song and it is going along and suddenly the movement, the words and the melody all collide into one magical moment.  Yes, I am being dramatic.  *smile  These are songs I like/love, but also the moment in the song when the lyric draws me in, my favorite moments of the melody, usually, too.

Longfellow Serenade by Neil Diamond

You know that I was born for a night like this, warmed by a stolen kiss…

Witchita Lineman

I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time…


On the occasion of my 54th Birthday, I made a to-do list:

See the post {{HERE}}.

I want to unleash my creativity (it’s been much too locked away) and have all the crazy creative thoughts I can find that will lead to a life of abundant fruitfulness and productivity and wholehearted living. Because wholeheartedness is HUGE to me (why be anything else, ever?) and it includes being both WHOLE (this is me cooperating with the work of God in my life in all areas: spirit, soul and body) and HOLY (which can come about only by the completed work of Christ and the blood He shed). This is actually possible because of the aaaa-mazing GRACE of God,  and as James Ryle described it, “the empowering work of the Holy Spirit to be everything God created us to be and to do everything He created us to do.”

Oh, yes!




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