Life is precious

Last week was one of those weird, rough weeks for our family.

Our beautiful new daughter-by-marriage, Jovan, learned her grandma passed away rather suddenly on Monday.  It was Jovan’s first day at her new job and she was going through orientation when she found out, so she had to press on and subdue her thoughts and emotions.  It made it hard.  “Grandma DiPerna” was in her 80’s.  Her life was long and she has left a growing family of loving, incredible children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  Though her star has burned out and the night sky will never seem the same, her legacy remains.

The same day, Dave’s nephew, Troy, was murdered in Las Vegas.  Who can explain or find justification for the violent death of a 41-year-young man?  A small-town fireman is in jail for first-degree murder.  Lives are turned upside down.  It cannot be undone.

On Friday, our little Stormiekins was in a car accident.  She is sore, bruised, but intact. And as a mom, you cry in gratefulness and as a release because of how much worse it could have been. And when you weigh everything, the cost of repairs and restoration and insurance and physical pain and all the rest – it is not too much for my little girl to be OK.


Here is Stormie looking on as Rocky and Jovan exchanged vows a few months ago.  I am so glad you are OK, Stormkins.  I am thanking God for it!

Blessed so far beyond what I deserve, Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  There is no promise of tomorrow for any of us.  Live and love and be thankful at the highest level possible while it is still today.

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  1. What a week.  I am so thankful that Stormie is O.K.  I will kkeep your family in my prayers.  You are all loved.

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