Nights in White Satin

Stormie ironed the 70 yards of white bridal satin comprising the ceremony backdrop for 4 hours last night.

Today, I am creating and finishing up the 60-foot satin aisle runner.  It is 50″ wide and ever-so-much-more elegant than the thin papery/fake fabric ones you can purchase.  I have personalized it for the bride and groom.  A little sewing, a lot of ironing, some rolling and voila, aisle runner almost done.


3 thoughts on “Nights in White Satin

  1. Jeanie, you guys are so awesome! You and your family are such servant-minded people. And your artistic talents bless those around you, not only Robbin and Jake, whom you are doing all this work for, but for everyone who sees it. I’m continually impressed by your artistic abilities, especially at Christmas with the decorations you provide for the church. You and your family are awesome people, and I am blessed just by knowing you guys. :)

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