Oh, Dino!

I love Dean Martin, which I may or may not have mentioned before.

I just heard a song on Martini in the Morning ( the “lounge” sound, Rat-Pack music) called “I love Vegas” featuring Mr Dean himself.  I’d never heard it, but guess what?!?

I love Vegas when I’m loaded,

I love it when I am not.

I love Vegas, just like Kruschev loves being indignant,

More than even my wife Jeanie loves being pregnant.

He sang my name.  He gets points.

And I always did love being pregnant.  :)

3 thoughts on “Oh, Dino!

  1. I play the “Dino” character in the Pittsburgh Rat Pack. sinatraclassics.com is another site where my and our vocals can be found Nice to have a younger fan of this music around . Regards, Bob Morelli

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