Passing the Personality Test

You can’t submit to a personality-lobotomy to gain approval from others.  It won’t work. It will be ill-fitting, uncomfortable.  Nor should you hate who God created you to be because you don’t always fit in or have experienced pain in your humanness (God knows you’re human, you know).  Every single personality type has its strengths and weaknesses.

We just think we’re the oddball.

Meanwhile in two separate conversations on this exact subject, but at the opposite ends of the spectrum (self-hatred vs people-pleasing), the movie line below still cracks me up.

Preface: John Cusack is quite possibly the most underrated actor in America today.  And by underrated, I just mean he should be paid more per movie than  – almost any other actor -alive -anywhere.  Because in my book (and among really intelligent people the world over, I am sure) he is just awesome!  So try to imagine him (or watch the movie)…

From Must Love Dogs (2007)…John Cusack’s character, Jake, has hand-crafted a boat using time-honored skills and much work and is speaking to a possible buyer…

jake in boat must love dogs screenshot

Boat Guy: Man, this is absolutely gorgeous. I love this. I can’t believe you built it yourself.
JAKE: Yeah, handcrafted. Hand-carved.  I hope you’ll find that it’s more than a boat.  It’s a time machine.
Boat Guy: I love it. I want it. I’ll take it.
JAKE: Great. Did you race a lot in college?
Boat Guy: I don’t plan to race it. Could you cut it in half for me?
JAKE: Excuse me?
Boat Guy: Yeah, cut it in half lengthwise. I think it would be easier to mount on the wall that way.
JAKE: You want to mount the boat?
Boat Guy: Yeah. I thought I’d put it in the den. It’d look great above my big screen.
JAKE: You know, I think maybe you should go to IKEA and buy a canoe. It’s not for sale in that way.
Boat Guy (to Jake’s friend): He’s kidding, right?
Jake’s friend: Wouldn’t that be nice.
JAKE: I’ve had this dream that it’ll end up wet.  It’s just not for sale in that way at this time. Ever, really.
Boat Guy: Okay. Well, if you change your mind, I really do want it.

JAKE: Yeah, if I change my personality, I’ll let you know what I become.

Don’t try to change your personality.  But you can work on renewing your mind.  Romans 12.2…then you’ll be the best version of you, the one God had in mind when He created you.  That will be comfortable skin to be in!


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