Snow day


We woke up to snow today.

I had accidentally left my final harvest of red and green (for frying) tomatoes outside piled on a plate.  Oh well.

Gavin came over for pre-school and for "recess" wanted to go outside.  He said, "Watch, Nonna," as he ran with enhuberance out the door in gloves and hats and scarves.

He scooped some snow and formed a ball, threw it at his own head and exclaimed, "Ow, son-of-a-nutcracker!"

We just watched "Elf" again recently, if you must know.

Turkey prep underway…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Summer IS over – don't wish these good times away.

2 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow! When Gavin and I were driving into the Target parking lot today he asked me – 'We love the snow – right Mom?'  Yes, yes we do;o)

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