SOOooooooooo pretty and Christmasy!

I do not have this Christmas album.  But I want to.  Just because it is stinking cute.

Today there was nothing to do but give in to the beautiful snow on a bright and merry day and do some Christmas decorating.

Decorate & listen to Christmas music: my record albums.  I am not ashamed to admit I really-really-really love Kenny Rogers’ and Dolly Partons’ “Once Upon a Christmas” recording from 1984.  I love their renditions of every song they do.  Dolly on “Winter Wonderland” is kind of amazing, actually.

Dave brought me an early 1960s Santa, sleigh and 2 reindeer, – a small, vintage Bakelite yard ornament from way back when, that he found in storage under the house.  I had purchased them a thousand years ago, or 2002 – whichever, and never used them.  Cleaned them up, and will need to do some repair and replacing the sled runners.  So excited to add them to the Santa Claus collection for 2011.


The honeymooners will be “home” sometime today and wanting the house to look pretty and smell wonderful for them is fun & motivational in the decorating process.

I wonder if Tredessa plans to take her wooden Christmas train, a part of our decor since 1987, now that she is married??  Well, it currently sits next to the big Santa with his list of “good” children (including Gavin, Hunter, Guini, Gemma May, Averi J and Amelie Belle).  Plus – I LOVE after-Christmas 90% off sales!  Because you buy it and pack it away, no emotional attachment yet, and then when Christmas comes, you open the storage totes and look!!:  brand new table-coverings and kitchen towels in the happiest of patterns and there may or may not be some crazy squeals of delight!  Don’t judge me.



Rocky is singing in the big Christmas service at Rez in Loveland, today at 4 and 6:30 and both of the morning services tomorrow.  He said it is an amazing program and he is really excited about getting to participate.  They will LIVEstream it if you want to catch it!  (I’ll be at today’s 4:00 pm service-look for me!).

I saw Amelie kissing Santa ClausIt took her a little while to warm up to him this year.

1 thought on “SOOooooooooo pretty and Christmasy!

  1. Yes, honey I agree. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love it all.
    Reading A Christmas Carol and Skipping Christmas every year. The decor. The music.
    The snow. The family. The Pageantry. The colors. The presents. The love. The joy.
    The peace. The Christ. All of it makes me feel the peace on earth that God intended. Now if I can
    Only get that string of red lights to come on. :)

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