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When Christmas specials were really special

Ah, the 1960s and 70s…

Andy Williams churned out Christmas specials regularly. They are part of the background noise of my growing up years, an easy-listening soundtrack to my life and times.

Obviously at some point I became too sophisticated and cool for Andy’s shows (she says rolling her eyes at her posturing silly-determined-girl phase, before real maturity set in).  Apparently the whole world got over him, too.  For the Christmas specials ceased.

He died a few months ago and I wrote about it {HERE}, but I happened across this yesterday on YouTube (thanks for the suggestion You-tube-robots – you really do get me, it seems) and how delightful!  59 minutes and 17 seconds of  pure, unadulterated red-and-green-over-the-top-joy-to-the-world-sacred-and-silly CHRISTMAS.  Yes, CHRISTMAS in all caps!

There are appearances by the Williams Brothers Singers (Andy’s sibs) and the Osmonds started with Andy, ya know.  Claudette Longet, Andy’s French and oh so very modern and extremely cool wife is a treasure.  She sings.  Lovely!

Hook it up to your giant flat-screen TV and get some hot chocolate and cookies and I promise you will have a Christmas experience like never before…unless you were watching in the 1960s and 70s…in which case you will do it because you KNOW it was wonderful and the best of Christmas times!  A little hokey?  Well, heck yes!  That is why I LOVE it.

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year!  Just ask Andy!!!