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Bailey Sophia – 2 weeks today!

Sweet little baby girl, how we love you, little bug-a-loo!

Don’t Rocky and Jovan make pretty babies?  Three girls now.  When they found out they were having another girl (and maybe just the teensiest surprised that against all odds they weren’t having a boy this time), I wrote them a letter about having three girls in a row { h e r e } and I do believe they are pretty thrilled with her!

And how fortuitous that on the day I wanted to wish bebe a happy-2-weeks-old-we-love-you wish, Stephanie (the entreprenuerial, highly-talented mommy, photographer and MayDae curator and writer – and a darling daughter to boot) released these photos of Bailey-girl, taken this week.


A song for grandbebe #8

Bailey Sophia, two weeks old

How do you like the world so far?

Bailey Sophia, two weeks old

What a blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed girl you are

For you have swings to be swung on ~ Trees to be climbed up

Days to be young on ~ Toys you can wind up

Grass to be lying on

Sun up above

Pillows for crying on

When you’re in love

Ponies for riding

Wind in your hair

Slides to be sliding on

Leaves in the air

Dogs to be caring for ~Love to be giving

Dreams to be daring for ~ Long as you’re living

Yes, you have dreams to be daring for

Long as you’re living

Bailey Sophia, two weeks old

What a blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed girl you are…*

We love you, Bailey-bebe! 

*Lyrics revised from the Barbra Streisand song, “Jenny Rebecca.”  Little known fact: in 1970, when my family got a TV again, Gerber, I believe, was doing these baby food commericals using that song.  There were two versions, a boy version and a girl version and they showed the life of a baby from birth to toddlerhood.  I think it was like “Jenny Rebecca, one day old, how do you like the world so far,” then, “Jenny Rebecca, 6 months old…”  You get the idea.  The names they used were in fact Jenny Rebecca and Christopher Michael and for the longest time, I had planned to use those names for my children.


for baby girl

Yes.  There were balloons to celebrate Bailey Sophia.   Because they look cute in the hospital room and I knew her big sisters would wholly enjoy getting to play with them.

And of course there were tulips (coral-colored), because a bouquet of lovely spring flowers gladdens the mommy’s heart – after all her hard labor (so deserving).

But this time, I decided to make the new daddy a little something, too.  Cigars!  Yep, rolled ’em myself.

bailey sophia cigars candy

No, just kidding.  I saw the idea on Pinterest for Father’s Day and personalized them for Rocky to distribute to visitors at the hospital.

By the way – did I mention we just had our 8th *grandbebe* born on April 5?  Did I fail to tell you our exquisite and so-sweet little April-Angel is named **Bailey Sophia** and we are head-over-heels?  Well, in case I forgot to mention it, here she is.  This photo was when she was 10 hours old, fresh from her first bath.  Please note the sparkle of angel-dust as it gently falls all around her…

bailey sophia

Ok, I digress.

The cigars

So, where were we?  I got the idea off Pinterest {click here}.  and I personalized the free down-loadable cigar labels to fit our occasion.  Oh, but wait – the cigars are not actual cigars – did I say that already?  Ok – they are just those pretzel rods.  I cut about 1/3 of them off (my husband and dog ate the un-useable 1/3) and dipped the 2/3 length part into chocolate candy melts (melted, of course).  Cooled them, cut out the printed labels and used a tiny bit of tape on the back to hold them in place.

I was going to use an empty cigar box from Walgreens to place them in, but the smell of actual cigars would have infused the chocolate-covered pretzels.  No bueno.  So, I thought and I thought and I thought, and then by sheer accident, I happened across a little endcap display at Target with these plastic boxes for making “home made lunch-ables” and voila!  Perfect.

How fortuitous, don’t you agree, that I had already cut them the  exact-perfect length???  :)

Chocolate-covered Pretzel Cigars, enjoyed by young and old alike.