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High Expectations

Guinivere: Hey, Nonna?

Me: Yes, sweetie-pie?

Guinivere: You know on my next birthday in July?  You know when I turn six?  I know what you can get me!

Me: What is that, sweet-pea?

Guinivere: An iPhone!  That’s what I really want!  An iPhone for my birthday!

Uh-huh.  Yes.  Stormie set the bar a little high in her present for Steph’s birthday, I am thinking! CLICK HERE

Meanwhile, Gavin who was playing Angry Birds on my iPod Touch chimed in, “Guini doesn’t really need an iPhone.  She’s only going to be 6, but tomorrow I will be 8.  You could give me this iPod, because that is about right.”  Hahaha.

We ate eggs and lots of candy and bananas while the grandkids were here for awhile this morning.  We also had a chocolate-milk party: Hershey’s syrup in cups of ice-cold milk (pretend frappuccinos).  Lot’s of stirring and some slurping.  My sink looks like this:

Is it bad that this does not bother me one bit – all the dishes?  In fact, I actually like it and think I will let it remain as a reminder of sweet freckle-faced kids who made lots of happy noise and dance here today.

My cute little Kelley kids

Stephanie took pictures recently because the little red-headed Kelley kids (the three, sweet grandbebes bestowed upon me by Stephanie and Tristan…and thank-you for them, btw), all got new Converse All-Stars for Christmas and were sporting them simultaneously one afternoon.



Last Sunday morning 2-year-old Gemma accompanied me to the Cafe at church for coffee.  The second we got out of The Garage (the edgy, loud worship venue), she darted across the cafe navigating her way in between hundreds of people, sharing her friendly, “hello”s with strangers and friends alike.  She nearly ran right in to Pastor Rob, who avoided the near collision and greeted her like the treasured church member she is.  He started to walk on past and then realized perhaps some one who is only 2 ft 9in would not be there alone.

So he looked around and saw me racing to catch up to her.  “Are you in charge of this?” he asked, pointing the the little curly-headed girl-of-my-heart.

“I’m trying,” I told him.

“Well, then,” Rob had the guts to tell me, “I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but you’re not very good at it.”

Oh, you just wait, Rob Kelly.  You just wait!


But the piece de resistance?  Once Gemma had strayed so far as to lose sight of me, she turned, scanning the crowd, looking for her Nonna.  When we made eye contact, she did that thing she does.  She did that adorable thing that melts my heart and makes me beam and makes me look good to the crowds.

She yells at the top of her lungs: N O N N A !!!!  And she comes running to me and jumps into my arms and we spin around and hug and kiss.

Yep.  She makes me look good…like I didn’t just lose her at church on a Sunday morning.

Gavin & Guinivere

Gavin started piano lessons this week.  And Guini is in front of me this second with a microphone singing along to Pomplamooses’ version of “Single Ladies.”  If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it; If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it…

The Kelley kids, whom I love with all my heart, were watching Ratatouille.  The food critic in the movie said something like, “Not everyone can cook.”  To which Gavin responded openly, “That isn’t true.  Anyone can cook if they learn.’

Guini mustered up her strength and outdoor voice to add a very decided addendum (sort of Lucy-from-the-Peanuts-comics style?) which caused all of us to jump: BUT DON’T TOUCH THE PAN!

They make my heart swell…Jeanie (aka “Nonna”)

NOTE TO SELF:  Become a better grandbebe-wrangler.