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If I could cha-a-ange the world

I “re-pinned” this when I saw it on Pinterest.*  One of my first-ever pins, actually…

I believe in personal responsibility.  So, it rings true to me that if you aren’t liking something, you should change it.  If you can.

But there are things in my life I can’t change.  I would if I could, but I can’t.

Because they involve outside influences and other people and situations over which I have little to no control.

Judge Judy says to a trouble-making kid, “I’d personally throw you in jail if I were in charge of the whole world, but I’m not.  I am only in charge of this little piece of the universe.”

My universe is way smaller than Judge Judy’s.

Some people say they would never change anything in life because it got-them-where-they-are-today-and-blah-blah-blah and I like how that sounds, but I seriously would change some things.  And it isn’t about not being grateful for the life I have.

I have messed up my own life sometimes. But God is faithful, even and especially to me.  Forgiveness is available and promised, but sometimes the consequences of my own stupidity remain.  Sometimes the reverberations of some one else’s actions have affected my life.  And I wouldn’t have chosen it.  And some questions will never be answered in my lifetime.

Sometimes, you have changed everything you know to change.  You have made amends, you have tried to make the best of bad situations.  You have spoken the truth in {because of} deep love, you have repented and changed your ways, you have walked the lined and you acted uprightly.  Sometimes you have changed all you can, but you can’t change everything.

I am in charge of such a small piece of the universe.  I can’t change the past nor the things some one has said, but I can live in the now and speak blessing anyway.  I can’t change my age, the passing of time nor the weather, but I can think on whatever things are good, and pure and lovely and I can embrace the seasons and I can pray.  Life is a surprise…

And there are things I’d change if I could.

If I could reach the stars

Pull one down for you

Shine it on my heart

So you could see the truth

If I could change the world,  I would be the sunlight in your universe…*

In spite of anything and everything, though, I hold on to an unchanging God, ever faithful,  who “makes us more and more like Him as we are changed into His glorious image.”    2 Cor. 3.18 NLT

If I can be changed, it’ll be worth it.

NOTE TO SELF: Remember, though, that happiness falls so far below living what God intended, living the life I was made for, both whole and holy.  Being “happy” is temporary compared to the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus Christ as Lord.

*Eric Clapton, “If I Could Change the World”



In 24 hours, this little silly, romantic thing I pinned several weeks back has been pinned and pinned and pinned!  I just did this screen save and my phone says “ding” everytime some one else pins it.  I have the volume down low or it would be making me crazy.  It’s funny because I think I have pinned way better things.  In fact, my thought was to re-design this little number with a photograph and way better typography.  This isn’t even quality, but it must be ringing somebody’s bell.  It is mine {phone}, for sure.

Original (low-quality) pin:

What I just saw:

Pinterest freaks me out, in a good way.

In the couple of minutes it took me to post this, it got 24 more pins and/or likes.

Monday’s Most Interesting Pinterests : Going to the Chapel

Have I mentioned?  I L-O-V-E Pinterest???!!!

Follow Me on Pinterest
So, yeah – I finally “caved in” to it not  long before the wedding and had to temper myself from wildly embracing it throughout the wedding-work.   But it actually inspired and motivated me so much it became my reward for long hours worked!  Five minutes on Pinterest is like an hour-long massage, or a 40-minute Calgon bath or even my favorite Maggiano’s Ravioli meal with cheesecake afterwards…only it is calorie-free!!  It is social (I can follow you and you can follow me and we can “like” each other’s pins and even comment on them), it is creative (everything on the internet that even remotely interests you can be a part of one of your “boards”), and it is F-U-N to PIN!

So, I thought I’d start a series called Monday’s Most Interesting Pinterests.

And who knows?  This may be the ONLY Monday I ever do it.  Or I may remember some other time?  But since I just got past the wedding, I thought I would show you some of the sites and images that were “pinned” to my “Goin’ to the Chapel” board.  These were things I came across while surfing the ‘net for ideas and pinned myself, or which some one else on Pinterest had pinned and I re-pinned because they were wonderful.  Some we used, some we didn’t, but it never failed to make me happy when I would just quickly go back and scroll through the images.  This is what the top left of my Pinterest page looks like today.  I will probably move “Goin’ to the Chapel” to the bottom now and “Love & JOY come to you – CHRISTMAS!”  will move to the first “board.”  http://pinterest.com/jeanierhoades/

These are some of the images I have looked at time and again, with their original sources where possible.  Even though there are those we didn’t out-right use, I bet if some one looks closely enough, they will see the influence of them here or there when I reveal the wedding photos.  We did just get Ellie’s photos and even though she came as an “extra” and not the actual photographer, WOWEE – the pics are great!  She totally captured the lighting and vintage feel of the wedding exactly as my memory is holding it near…

And now a look back at a few of my pins over the past couple of months.


These two images represent important words.  The one on the left is a list I used to kick-start my thinking about the wedding and all the decor to think through.  It was one of my very first pins.   The one on the right is one I happened across on Pinterest the day before the wedding.  I thought it was cool for bridal attendants to write good wishes on the bottom of the bride’s shoes, but we didn’t actually use it.

More words.   The image on the left was an early pin, too and we actually ended up using it at the wedding.  It was the very last sign to be made and sweet Mairin Bierer painted it for me.  The whole wedding was family-only so anyone could sit anywhere.  The quote on the right from Sense and Sensibility, from the subdued-yet-passionate Mr Darcy was used on water bottle labels, too.

I actually looked up info on seating requirements (how many inches between tables and all that) from a banquet site, because we had the reception in a small barn.  We went and set it up 3 weeks early and it was so hard to tell if it was going to work right.  But then I found the image with all the people above and I knew we had done exactly what would work and that the barn would look full and happy for us and it really did.  The image on the right was my great hope and my expectations were happily exceeded.

Succulents.  I fell in love with the idea of succulents.  I even actually grew the succulents used in boutonnieres and corsages and Tredessa’s bouquet right in my own kitchen windows!  Succulents are wonderful, textural, green and very self-sufficient.  The girls said I just liked saying the word ‘succulent’ because I said “succulent” so much.  But come on – after the wedding, you can just plunk the succulent into soil and it will re-root and grow more.  A miracle!  I did find out, though, that they are heavy and need more support than regular flowers.  And I did not realize that until 11 o’clock the night before the wedding.  And that was no bueno.  I am still enjoying them thoroughly so it is going to be succulent-city around here all winter, baby!

I saw bridal bouquets made totally from old brooches or buttons and while I was not sure if we’d go that direction, when Stormie brought a big container of vintage buttons to a wedding work night, I knew I would.  I actually was able to stack bejeweled rhinestone buttons atop plain ones and add them to Tredessa’s bouquet.  But we didn’t do white buttons.


Vintage labels. Tre and I liked the ones used in the wedding on the left, which they had designed themselves.  We knew Stormie could do that, too, but then found the free-down-loadable ones on the right.  Stormie just intensified the colors and added words and we used them on water bottles, decorative bottles on the tables, the dessert bar and other places needing explanation.

The Dessert Buffet

Tredessa was not set intently on a cake-as-the-centerpiece.  the cake to her was just one offering to be among a nice selection of other desserts.   So, I used Pinterest to collect photographs of other weddings where it had been done very well.

This one above was one of my favorites.  Theirs was only a chocolate bar and of course we had chocolate, fruity sweets, a caramel fountain, cinnamon and spice items, short-breads and etc.  But I thought it captured the vintage look Dessa wanted with the old table and I ended up using my old desk/table from my office at New Hope because of this photo.  It seemed feminine and sweet and I think you will recognize this image’s influence when you see the wedding photos.

I think what caught my eye here was that the space was not a typical wedding space and the table was industrial, not fancy.  We also were not having a “pretty” space, so I wanted to be sure the presentation was lovely like theirs.  Varying heights.  Pretty colors.  Various materials.

The use of furniture and old windows made this dessert display interesting.  I ended up not using this too much, but Stephanie totally merchandised the gifts area with old furniture.

Again the old table inspired and I think it would have been great fun to have had lots of smaller cakes.  Isn’t this pretty?  This is what you can find on Pinterest for your next party!

The hot wedding trend, according to what I have seen on Pinterest, is bite-sized cookies and lots of them!  And since Tredessa didn’t care for a fussy cake, I knew this pic from Pinterest would be somewhere in my cake design.

Other things

Pinterest has so many pictures of the thousands of ways you can use good old-fashioned crepe-paper streamers!  This is one where you dye just one side before decorating.  We didn’t use it at all, but because I pinned it, I will remember i for the future!  The little “fake” candles allowed us to have “candlelight” everywhere without fear of burning down the church or barn.  Thank-you Dollar tree!

Is anyone surprised that the Rhoades family planned a photo booth?  Dess liked the “living room” idea.

Stormie and I pulled out the family China we both have.  It was mixed with the caterer’s China.  Because of you don’t get the good dishes out for a family wedding, when on earth would you use them?  We ended up stacking cups and saucers sort of like this for hot tea and hot chocolate.

I wanted a stole after I found the image on the left.  I also wanted a green dress, but never got around to actually getting one.  I ended up in aubergine, aka “purple.”  Tredessa, like me, is a 40’s girl and that was the feel she was going for.  Several of her attendants did 40’s do’s and red lipstick.

The barn.

Before we ever even got the barn, Tredessa and I were drawn to long family-style seating with elegant, yet not fussy table settings in barn-type spaces.  The images on Pinterest definitely influenced our desires, which we fully fulfilled.  We even had a chandelier.  Two, actually.

You’ll see old windows in our wedding pictures.


Old lace showed up at Dessa and Ryan’s wedding in frames and lace balls we made ourselves.  Thank-you Pinterest!

The church.

The huge, gorgeous white tree in the left image, which was part of a top-notch event at a grand Denver hotel, inspired me for our teeny-tiny chapel, where there were hand-crafted paper flowers (yes, we found tutorials on Pinterest), and we all liked the theatrical, casual seating of attendants from the image on the right.


I love Pinterest. I started, I think, the 3rd week of September.  I will miss looking at this particular board so much, but it remains to inspire others.  Moving on to Christmas.  My good friend Pearl just asked me if, post-wedding, I was resting.  I said, I am Pinteresting.  Hahahhaha!

See you there??

NOTE: Send me your email if you would like to be invited to Pinterest.  I can get you in!

And: Anything I did not link here, you can find the original links to on my Pinterest, Goin’ to the Chapel.



“Be with the friends who are here”

Yes.  I saw it on Pinterest.**  So follow me already.

Social media.  Smart phones.  Pinterest…It’s so…social.  And smart.  But there are drawbacks…

But I ADORE Pinterest and am actually having fun “getting acquainted” with the styles and taste and heart of some young women I have sort of known.  And I get majorly inspired.   The young woman of today are crazy-amazing.  There is a creative-anointing on them for home-making and caring for their families that probably hasn’t been seen since King Lemuel’s mother explained the whole virtuous woman thing to him (Proverbs 31).  They are unashamedly putting their husbands and children first, cooking healthy, making the home beautiful and glowing with gorgeousness themselves (my own daughters are great examples of this), all the while running a business or three on the side.

If there is one small I thing I hope doesn’t happen (yet I see danger lurking)  is that in all the ways social media, texts, Tweets, email bells, and online surfing can fill up the days, I hope moms and their kids will still actually interact face to face and not just on Facebook.  I hope husbands and wives talk and make wild love more than they text.  I hope grandparents will get to hug their grandbebes more than they get to have Skype sessions with them.  I hope people will remember to unplug for no good reason, other than to be, just be, where they are and with the people they are with.

Penelope (1966) starring Natalie Wood

During a tedious wedding project, I watched a colorful, pretty-delightful-romp of a movie with Natalie Wood in the title role.  It had a tiny bit of slapstick-Greenwhich Village-Bohemian-1960s-artsy thing.  It had a banking executive and some high-society jewels and a yellow Givenchy suit to-die-for all based around Penelope, an engaging and intelligent, yet somewhat ditzy girl who pretty much enchanted every man in the movie.  “Picture a girl who walks with the rhythm of a lady tigerPicture a girl who talks with the sweetness of a honey bee…this is Penelope” the opening credits song explained.  And I actually grabbed a pencil to capture these words, which made me think of Facebook and all of the ways and options we can communicate with these days.

Penelope: I never open my mail. I usually stick it away in a drawer and then I actually forget about it or it gets lost.

Banker: Don’t you lose a lot of friends that way?

Penelope: Oh no. It’s just the opposite. You see, if you write me a letter and I answer it, then you have to answer mine. Then I answer your second letter and you have to write me a third in answer to my second. Then I have to write you a third and you have to send me a fourth. And pretty soon we’re so busy writing letters to each other, we haven’t had time to be friends.

[silence as these words hang in the air]

Penelope: Isn’t that true?

Banker concedes: Yes.

The first couple of minutes are the totally-groovy-1960s opening song.  Right about 5:29 you can catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Natalie in the yellow Givenchy suit. wearing a red wig.  Worth the look!

I am pondering.  Just want to make sure I am communicating correctly, in the most honest and advantageous way.  In the most friendly, truly friend-ly way possible.  With true friends.

**I do love me some Pinterest!  www.pinterest.com/jeanierhoades/

In looooooooooooooooove

This is NOT a paid endorsement.  It will just seem like it.

It’s a virtual inspiration board (style file, mood board, clippings notebook: whatever you want to call it) where you neatly keep all the stuff and cool images you find that trip your trigger – make you happy – floats your boat – gives you THE idea.  Ah yes.  And the cool thing, it keeps the connection to the original source so you can find all the information again.

So, you know how you have all those websites struggling for air in your “favorites” folder?  Just go in now and pin them all to one of your inspiration boards :: by CATEGORY, glory-hallelujah, Thank-You, Jesus!!!   Then check all those picture folders you have of “house ideas,”  “things I want to do in the garden,” and stuff like that and TRY to find the original source again so you can pin that stuff, too.  Then be sure to FOLLOW me and I will follow you, too!

And wait until you see the cool stuff you can RE-PIN to your board from the people you follow, because they will have such cool stuff, you will remember why you adore them so!

I have a “Jeanie-green” board I just started because you know how I am when I see that color.

I have a “Goin’ to the Chapel” board because I have a daughter getting married in short order.

There is a “{REALLY} Good Eats” of things I have made or am absolutely going to make and no one can stop me, a “Sweet Dreams” board of bedrooms I find lovely and at the very least would like to take a nap in, and a board about all things organization, not to mention the first board I started, which is all words-words I love that move my heart.  Uh-huh.  You can make any board you want!!

I am in love with Pinterest. 

It IS a real, actual place (other than right here on my blog) to COLLAGE my THOUGHTS!  O, yes it is!

SO many creative people in the world.  And they are all out there finding the coolest stuff on the internet.  And they are pinning it to their boards and helping me find it it, too!

Know why I like it (in case all of the above isn’t enough)???  It is like looking through an amazing eye-candy kind of great-ideas-and-gorgeous-images magazine and then being able to put all the stuff I’d really ever use/want in a file with all of the information that I need to go with it available with the simple action of a keystroke.  Click.  Done.  Click.  Got it.  It is all there.  No muss, no fuss, no looking all over and trying to recall which website that stuff was on.

A peak at my boards in-the-making from my very own Pinterest page. 

Happy, head-over-heels **sigh.**

A B O U T :: http://pinterest.com/about/help/