The End.

The water-starved begonias are actually thrilled at the current cold nights and cool days and are full and lush and happier than they've been all year.  The potted petunias have even happily brightened in color and fattened in the fall weather. 

The birdhouse gourds and pumpkin patch have browning vines, indicating they have done all they can do – it is time to reap the harvest.

The grass is green without the effort of the summer season.  The celosia and cosmos have soared to great new heights. 

But the oranges and reds and purples of autumn around the border are slowly taking over the spotlight where annuals once worked hard in a too-bright summer sun to carry the show.

Alas, the forecast says snow in Denver this weekend.  There is a storm brewing.  It is, it appears, the true end of summer.

My question is this:  can I still save my favorite tomato plant???


NOTE TO SELF:  Try to save the tomato.  Try.

5 thoughts on “The End.

  1. Hi there, I came here from the Christian Women Online blog ring.  I just post about this same topic today on my blog, but we're having the opposite problem!  I wish we had more fall!   Great blog, I'll be back again! God bless :) 

  2. I have a thermal camping blanket Jeanie. I am sure it will spare your last precious die hards..I am willing to run over right now to get it to you, if only to save even one! Bry, you do know that the tomatoes have heard you. Oh yes, they have and they are plotting…..

  3. Oh yes the tomatos. They have heard Bry loud and clear. I believe they have wispered in my ear and have asked to use them in his dinner for a week. Perhaps even longer…..

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