The fifth commandment

Averi has been learning about the 10 commandments in Sunday School.

So studious, so attentive is she.

The other night little sister Amelie wasn’t quite behaving as she should so Averi came to report to her parents.  A few minutes later, another report followed.  By the third or fourth time, her mommy and daddy, a bit exasperated, told her, “Averi – quit coming and tattling on your little sister.”

“I am just trying to honor you guys,” she told them.

Hahahaha.  Oh, the joys and burden of being the firstborn.  How well I know, my little Averikins.  Nonna gets you!!  *kiss*kiss

This is Averi in front of a picture of her as a newborn that hangs in the maternity ward of Platte Valley Hospital.  There are several large framed prints there of baby-Averi because she was soooooo cute when she was born!

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