The weary world rejoices

Oh, weariness.  That bone-tired, overworked, hopeless state of too many of us these days.  What on earth, in light of the heaviness of the things this world is dealing with, what could cause it to begin to rejoice?

I have all these little children and babies in my life – those of my own children {my little grandbebes} and those of friends and family.  And this is the winter season, these are the days of colds and sniffles and flu and lots of teeth emerging and I watch all these young mommies try to balance everything and keep their families healthy in spite of all the bugs flying through the air.  Almost impossible.

And so weariness sets in.

Then Christmas comes and all the resolve we had to be way ahead in the whole scheme is swallowed up by life, all of life: good and bad and happy and sad and  programs and plays and emergencies and welcomed surprises and, weariness can set in.

There is blessedness to weariness, though, I think.

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”  Galatians 6.9

Maybe it helps us remember that being weary should be while doing good, while doing what we are actually called to do.  Maybe it’s OK if it’s being all we were born to be, all we are meant to be – well that comes with a promise, a promise of a season of  fruitfulness and reward.

early morning light

Because when you are bone-tired and stretched to your maximum ability to cope, you have no choice but to stop and listen and look around and cut back and proceed with caution.  You have to decide, at that time, what really, really matters – what is the best, highest, most noble use of your body and soul.

I was just messaging with Stef as I was writing.  When baby boy gets a fever, we have to drop everything and ask: what is happening here?  Is there a tooth coming through?  Will we be rejoicing shortly?  If there was no outward sign, we’d miss it, we’d miss his little body as it goes through change after change and is exploding with life and the continuing creative processes of God on his little life!  Did he catch a little bug?  If he had no outward signs, we’d still run ragged (both baby and mommy) and hurt his little body irreparably, mommy’s too.  Pain has its’ purpose.

Tiredness, fatigue and weariness – they serve as a message to these mortal bodies and they are a gift.

Tredessa just had a baby this week.  A woman’s body is taxed beyond belief during labor and delivery and while she wishes with all her heart she could come to her dad’s play tonight, it would be horrible to expose our tiny Evangeline, but it would tax her, too.  It would wear her out to have to smile and navigate stairs at the church and her body needs 6-8 weeks to be “normal again” and there is a reason for that and it’s a gift to us.

Isn’t it fabulously amazing that God gives us these guideposts for deciding again and  again, that He trusts us that much?  Oh, that I would trust Him back the same…

So, weary world, at the lowest and most fatigued and maybe hopeless moment, Arise, shine-for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.

jesus, mary and joseph!

Even if you’re in your weariest, most fragile state…Stop.  Breathe.  Slow down and decide, once again, what is this time for – right now?  In this moment?  And then when you see all God has blessed you with, rejoicing will rise.  There is a reason for weariness, there is a blessedness in it if we’ll pay attention…

Note to self:  It’s ALL a note to myself.

Today’s song for Advent, first a peek at Evangeline.  Then, The Isaacs: Messiah’s Lullaby

Sorry it can’t be the whole beautiful song.  It was one of the YouTube free-to-use songs (no copyright problems).  I WISH I could have faded it out.  Maybe YouTube will catch up on that someday.  Enjoy my sweet new grandbebe’s contented, peaceful state (and her mommy-right where she should be)…

“The whole world’s been waiting, too

The only Hope for hope for fallen man is there is in Your tiny hands…”

2 thoughts on “The weary world rejoices

  1. She is beautiful. Simply magnificent. And as much as I would LOVE to give Tre & Ryan a huge hug, and see face to face this amazing bundle of joy, I agree with you. This is a time to rest, to recover, and to breathe in the physical manifestation of the gift of marriage and miracle of life in that tiny, sweet baby girl. Oh, those days are PRECIOUS!!!

  2. Such a great reminder to know what it’s time for and to let that decide your actions. We hope that there’s some good video from the plays and know that everyone is having an amazing time watching the play. Thanks, Mom:)

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