These are the Moments I Thank God I’m Alive

THE question for 2013, for me (probably you, too), right now:  Not “what time is it?”  But “What is it time for?”

“There is a time for everything and season for every activity under the heavens…”  Ecclesiastes 3.1 NIV

Edwin McCain’s voice used to stream through the musak-system of a party store I managed, the volume too low to actually hear for understanding, but loud enough we’d all to try to hum-mumble along.

The song isn’t in my top 100 or one that I even even ever thought of in forever.  But after I watched the video below (one I have liked for several years and just came across again again today), I found myself hearing his far-away voice and singing along:

And these are the moments,

I thank God that I’m alive.

And these are the moments,

I’ll remember all my life.

I’ve found all I’ve Waited for,

And I could not ask for more.

And weren’t Mary and I just discussing these things this very morning at Starbucks?

In the ancient Greek language, there are 2 distinct words that mean “time.” 

One is chronos, referring to chronological or sequential time.  See a clock.  See a Dayplanner.  Think about making lists and hurrying to get them done “in time.”  Chronos asks the question, often frantically throughout my life, I fear, “What time is it?  What time is it?”  Wasn’t the rabbit in Alice-in-Wonderland having a chronos meltdown?  I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.

But kairos – it is different.  It seems to refer to the “supreme” or most “opportune moment.”  It speaks of an indeterminate amount of time in which something very special happens and is the word used in Mark 1.15:

The [appointed period of] time is fulfilled (completed), and the kingdom of God is at hand (Amp),

fully defining kairos to mean the appointed time in the purpose of God.

The appointed time!

Kairos asks this question: what is this time for?  What is this time meant to capture/accomplish?  What purpose does this time serve?  What are the moments this time is about?

Standing at the entry of this New Year with a whole houseful of rooms to explore and doors to open, the question, with complete disregard for the clock on the wall, is:

What is it time for?

This year, my life, my relationships, my work, my plans, my hopes, my dreams, my God-defined purpose…what is it time for?

Keep asking yourself that and you will be spot-on living the life you were meant to live every day of this year and beyond.  Answer this question and you won’t be rushing willy-nilly towards the future, but living each rich day with gusto in the now.

For my sweet protege, Mary, it is her time for being an amazing wife and creative, loving mommy and leading young women to finding their worth in Christ.  She is in her sweet spot doing these things.

For you?…

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