To the tune of “Seventy-Six Trombones”

“Seventy-six degrees on a Monday

With a temperature change on a Tuesday, you see

There’ll be 6 inches of snow

On Wednesday, o no

What a mess – is this really the best?”

I really wish I lived in a time when weather forecasts were not only made 3000 times a day, but everyone talks about them ad finitum.*  It would be more fun like when I was a kid (before the dawn of actual time) and I’d just wake up and : voila!   A winter wonderland.  How exciting!  Deal with it.

Is there such a thing as over-preparedness?

Us and everyone on our block blew out our watering systems yesterday for the winter season.  But a few days after the snow?  It is Colorado, it will be sunshiney and gorgeous and mild daytime temps will have me in the garden.  My goal this year was to have home-grown tomatoes at Thanksgiving.  It could happen.  They are winding down, yes, but they live and produce and they are still the sweetest things I have ever tasted.

Two types of tomatoes from my garden for lunch over the weekend.  Drizzled with Balsamic, sprinkled with Kosher salt, because who couldn’t use a few extra blessings now and then? Should I even mention how amazingly sweet, yet tingly-to-the-tongue they were?  No?  Ok, then.  The memory of the little yellow-pear tomatoes popping like taste-fire-crackers in my mouth…Ooooh, yum!  Must be lunchtime somewhere, yes?

As long as this little snow doesn’t hurt my tomatoes, I can deal with it.

*I talk weather, too.  Though I was mortified when I first heard of the Weather Channel 20 years ago, just troubled that people would be that interested in watching weather all the time, I have come to appreciate it, too.  Which also mortifies me. ;/

WEDDING PROJECTS ALERT: Never tea-dye paper lace doilies on a Monday morning for a possible Wednesday project and then try to short-cut by tossing them in the dryer for ten minutes…even on delicate.  Just take my word for it and don’t do it.  At least on a Monday.  *sigh…

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  1. Tip on the speeding up tea dyed paper: A hot iron and thrifted towels. One towel on the bottom, the paper, then another towel, and iron! It’s what I do when I make tea dyed journal pages.

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