Hi, there. I’m Jeanie Rhoades!

I’m somewhere in the middle of all the days I will ever have…

This blog is for entertainment purposes (mine mostly, *smile). I write about books that bowl me over, movies that move me, observations on life and love and God. I sometimes rant about things that make me crazy and weep as I post things that touch the deep places in my heart. I write a lot about and for my family because there are many of us and family is my treasure.

And, it turns out I am graphomaniacal, big-time!  I LOVE to write: clattering on the keyboard or pen to paper.  I am leaving words for my children and grandbebes.  Words, the best of all I have, declared and decreed ~ w r i t t e n.  The BeeGees summed up for me best:

“Words are all I have to take your heart away…”

So I write birthday blessings and everyday prayers for mi familia regularly. And I hope this blog will inspire you to do the same for yours!

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On {moi}.  More than you could ever possibly wish to know!

Living in Denver, Colorado, where there are over 300 sunny days a year!  Which, I need!

Married to Dave, best friend and lover  for over 34 years (we’re off to a good start)!  We got married just less than 2 months after out first date, but before that we’d been friends who wrote letters across the miles!  He is one of those men who just gets better with age.  Oh yeah!    Lucky to be in love with my best friend…

www.lilacphotography.com,  dang I married a hot guy!

Familia:  We raised 5 kids and lived to tell about it!! 5 grown children (4 of which are married to the best people ever!),  TEN extraordinary grandchildren born between 2003 and just this year…so far!

I was raised a Pentecostal preacher’s daughter by two wonderful parents, now retired and living near my sister in rural southern Indiana, and their clan has grown and increased to include so many wonderful nieces and nephews and sisters-in-love and the brother-in-laws, for me, too.  Great people living exciting lives.  My husband and I have family all over the United States living for Jesus and  going to the nations.  So blessed!

I really believe this: everyone should grow at least part of their food. And if you can only grow one thing, then let it be tomatoes.

My true SOUL FOOD belief is this:  Breaking bread, enjoying even the humblest meal at a convivial table filled with love and laughter is THE best meal you will ever eat.  And may you have many of those in your lifetime!

My LOVE language:  Quality time and touch (the ones the books identify).  But also (the ones that aren’t in the books) the written word {letters, I L O V E letters!} AND song.  I truly believe music and song are a love language for me.  Everything and every person is a melody with words to me and I am touched when some one has a song for me.  I love a melodic refrain…

This is my story in the making. This my record of God’s faithfulness in my life. These are the things, big or little, important or silly with which I love to entertain my momma during these precious, fleeting days;      the song-of-life I will leave for my children                 and their children.

I hope they hear how sweet it is

Contact Jeanie: jeanie@jeanierhoades{dot}com

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