Hi, there. I’m Jeanie Rhoades!

I’m somewhere in the middle of all the days I will ever have…

This blog is for entertainment purposes (mine mostly, *smile). I write about books that bowl me over, movies that move me, observations on life and love and God. I sometimes rant about things that make me crazy and weep as I post things that touch the deep places in my heart. I write a lot about and for my family because there are many of us and family is my treasure.

And, it turns out I am graphomaniacal, big-time!  I LOVE to write: clattering on the keyboard or pen to paper.  I am leaving words for my children and grandbebes.  Words, the best of all I have, declared and decreed ~ w r i t t e n.  The BeeGees summed up for me best:

“Words are all I have to take your heart away…”

So I write birthday blessings and everyday prayers for mi familia regularly. And I hope this blog will inspire you to do the same for yours!

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On {moi}.  More than you could ever possibly wish to know!

Living in Denver, Colorado, where there are over 300 sunny days a year!  Which, I need!

Married to Dave, best friend and lover  for over 34 years (we’re off to a good start)!  We got married just less than 2 months after out first date, but before that we’d been friends who wrote letters across the miles!  He is one of those men who just gets better with age.  Oh yeah!    Lucky to be in love with my best friend…

www.lilacphotography.com,  dang I married a hot guy!

Familia:  We raised 5 kids and lived to tell about it!! 5 grown children (4 of which are married to the best people ever!),  TEN extraordinary grandchildren born between 2003 and just this year…so far!

I was raised a Pentecostal preacher’s daughter by two wonderful parents, now retired and living near my sister in rural southern Indiana, and their clan has grown and increased to include so many wonderful nieces and nephews and sisters-in-love and the brother-in-laws, for me, too.  Great people living exciting lives.  My husband and I have family all over the United States living for Jesus and  going to the nations.  So blessed!

I really believe this: everyone should grow at least part of their food. And if you can only grow one thing, then let it be tomatoes.

My true SOUL FOOD belief is this:  Breaking bread, enjoying even the humblest meal at a convivial table filled with love and laughter is THE best meal you will ever eat.  And may you have many of those in your lifetime!

My LOVE language:  Quality time and touch (the ones the books identify).  But also (the ones that aren’t in the books) the written word {letters, I L O V E letters!} AND song.  I truly believe music and song are a love language for me.  Everything and every person is a melody with words to me and I am touched when some one has a song for me.  I love a melodic refrain…

This is my story in the making. This my record of God’s faithfulness in my life. These are the things, big or little, important or silly with which I love to entertain my momma during these precious, fleeting days;      the song-of-life I will leave for my children                 and their children.

I hope they hear how sweet it is

Contact Jeanie: jeanie@jeanierhoades{dot}com

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  1. Nice site.  Love the picture, very you and the best part, now we can all get into the mind of Jeanie.  I love the category, Stuff I actually think. 

  2. Dearest Jeanie, Just dropping a line to say hello! Hope you find deep joy today—splash around in His joy–let it spill out all over the place!! love you, -h

  3. Jeanie, my love!!! I have missed you soo much… heard you had a website, and decided to come talk a look and say hello…  So, hello!  ~Alix

  4. Alright Sis, Since I am working over your site here this a.m. I will also take to time to share a little FYI about you…"Jeanie"…with those who stop by…you know, from a brother's perspective. More later, Joe

  5. Hi again, folks.  In my frist chapter I promised to tell you a little about my sister Jeanie.  In this chapter I will share with you a little about how she single-handedly organized a world impacting group called, "Hunk Watchers of Iowa", back in about the 8th or 9th grade. Jeanie, who was always followed by a group of cronies, including Sherri Cramer, used to gather in French Class 201 and pick a "Hunk-of-the-Month" and then they would splash his name all over the place and carry on as if they had just handed out an Oscar.  All the guys wrinkled their noses at such tomfoolry but secretly waited the day they too could get their names plastered on bookcovers and posters and inside fe-type-male locker doors.  HWOI had no shame at all- even selecting Bill Roby one month, who everybody knew was 100 % farmer through and through…I mean, any guy who would dare to wear white socks in those days was asking for ostricision (thats a sort of socia-emotional term folks).  Anyway, I bet somewhere in the back cover of some wrethced, abused, soiled french book there still fades the name or two of a former Hunk of the Month.  That's what our Jeanie did. Joe

  6. First of all, truly, it wasn't a single-handed organization, at all.  Sherri Cramer and Lorri Teufal and Kelli Lala, etc. we all "led" Hunk Watchers of Iowa.

    You are probably right about the faded names in the backs of some wretched French books, tho.  'Tis sad that after all those years in French studies (7th grade – 11th grade), I cannot speak the language.  But I did see some pretty fine looking guys.

    Bill Roby is a judge in Florida now!  And he was a hunk!!!

    Please no more brother stories or I shall have to banish your posting privileges.

  7. Ah, the Hunk Watchers of Iowa. I did not have the privilege of attending school with Jeanie, I wish I had, would have saved me a lot of years of grief in college, but I digress. I would have hoped that I would have been graced to have my name written on some "Peachie" notebook somewhere. And by the by, she does speak French and speaks it well !

  8. I just HAVE to say, that I love two of your movies in particular- The Dream Team, and Baby Boom. Such good movies! Very few people have heard of the Dream Team, so I just had to agree with you on this board, that is so cool that you love it too!

  9. Ah yes, The Notebook… I think it's the actual story of My Hubby and me.   Have you seen Somewhere in Time?  It's an amazing one, too.  Jane Seymour long before she appeared on Dancing with the Stars… ;)

  10. Oh Dear Lord Jesus!  I have prayed for this day.  Truly!  I even signed up for a trial classmates membership to find out who Joe M was that sent me a message!  And the proper abbreviation is HWofI.  Thank you very much.  I have many great memories of those days at Harding Jr High.  So many, in fact, that revolve around my great friend Jeanie.  And it seems that God always brings us back together at the right time.  So, I don't know what this time is about, but I sure do have a big smile on my face right now!  Dave, I'm sure we could have worked you into things.  Jeanie always knew a good thing, when she saw it.  French is hard to retain, but some of it comes out when you try to learn spanish, I've learned. So, it seems that you've matured into the sort of person I look up to these days.  Busy, active, organized, all that Proverbs 31 stuff.  Congrats.  I've retired from dentistry, and now cook 3 days a week at my church (NewSong Christian Fellowship) which is fun.  Oh, I guess you don't want the whole long story on your blog.  I just about got carried away.  So, hope to hear from you soon, and I guess I'll spend the next couple days researching this website! Sherri

  11. We were insane! I’m glad Joe thinks the guys were secretly hoping to be recognized by our little band of boy-crazy cherubs, but I have to wonder…? By the way, John Dietz will ALWAYS be my favorite. Sherri emailed this morning that she found you – and quite the find! It’s wonderful to see we all three are living our lives full-out for God. It’s been a road, but by His grace it led back to Him. I hope to hear from you too – au revoir! Lorri (Teufel) Barnes

  12. By the way Jeanie – Quiet Man, Something New, Return to Me – definitely rank as some of the best of all-time! I love the cake picture – I do cake decorating too – although semi-retired. The Partridge Family was always a fave – I guess all these little things remind me of why we became fast friends all those 30+ years ago! We can’t be that old!! Lorri

  13. You know, I just ventured here for some reason after all this time. Your movie picks 1 and 17 are two of my favorites. I am thinking the end of Return to Me might be the best movie kiss…”You came all the way to Italy for me?” Whoa.

    And, I am just learning you are a gardener….We’ll talk.

  14. Dave and Jeanie it is so good to know that you are doing well and your kids look great. We miss you more than you can imagine. Please feel free to contact us!! God bless you!!! We love you!!!
    Ron and LeAnn Barnes (Kokomo, IN.)

  15. Hello … I don’t know you personally. I came across your blog when looking for a Bible Reading plan. I just want to say how blessed I was by your post. You sound like a very lovely person. God bless you!

  16. Hi, your dad married my husband and I 37 years ago in the Robert Church Of God would love to hear from you guys . We are Famie and Dennis Durbin

  17. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and found it very enlightening and uplifting. I was wondering if you do any Christian counseling or Bible study groups. Thank you.

  18. Hello,

    I am contacting you because I wanted to ask about a specific page on your website. There is a phrase you used that caught my attention because it covers a subject that is similar to what’s being covered on a website I’m currently working on.

    The page I was looking at is here:


    The subject that caught my attention was PERSONALITY TEST. I was wondering if you would be open to possibly adding a small link to a website that offers quite a bit of addtional information on this subject? In return I could maybe be a sponsor for that specific page by giving you a monetary donation.

    Please let me know if this is something that might be of interest to you. Whatever you decide, thanks for your time and I appreciate what you’ve done thus far on your website. Take care.



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