Belle-Baby and Fabric-Scrap Tutu

Yes, I made my little grand-girlie, Amelie Belle, a fabric-scrap tutu for Christmas, except that I did not have any fabric scraps appropriate for her to wear with her hot-pink cow-girl boots so I bought some of those 97-cent fabric samples at Walmart.  I bought 8…maybe just 7, and a roll of one-dollar hot pink grosgrain ribbon.  I already had the elastic.


I cut the fabric into strips 4-6″ wide, some the shorter diection of the fabric and some the longer direction.    Then I looped them over a pice of elastic measuring 15″ around.  I ended up cramming so many strips onto it, it stretched the fabric and her little buns couldn’t hold it up on Christmas morning.  So it has to be pinned for now.

NOTE: Update  (2014)- when I make them now, I tie the scraps around a sturdy piece of grosgrain ribbon.  That way, it doesn’t stretch the waist area and you can just tie the skirt around the little bebe!  :)

This is a totally no-sew skirt and if it begins to fray, you just snip here and there.  Easy and pretty stinking cute.

ARE YOU  R E A D Y for the great   r  e  v  e  a  l ? ? ?

I present Amelie Belle Rhoades in her scrap-fabric tutu.

Beautiful photography by her Auntie Stephanie

I mean – how stinking cute did she make that skirt look???

Love my little Belle-Baby!

40 thoughts on “Belle-Baby and Fabric-Scrap Tutu

  1. Hello,
    I love the cute skirt you made for Amelie Belle! She looks ADORABLE! I would like to make one for my granddaughter. Could you, please, give me directions on how you cut the fabric and how you tied it to the elastic. I see fabric triangles in one of the photos and can’t figure out how to make this skirt.
    I would greatly appreciate your help.
    …For the love of my granddaughter Eva Luna

  2. The fabric squares I bought were 18″ x 21″. I cut them into strips (some squares I cut into long 21″ lengths, others into the 18″ lengths). Instead of just leaving the ends “squared-off,” I cut the ends at an angle to create a “point.”

    Then I just tied it around the elastic – nothing fancy, just a regular old tie. Since the edges are unfinished, it doesn’t seem like there will be an issue with it coming untied. I did probably use way too much fabric, as I actually accidentally stretched the elastic.

    1. Do you think from the ends fraying super glue would work. I am not one to sew them like this. Just adorable. Just curious. Your baby reminds me of my little girl, well not little anymore. :) She was absolutely adorable. :) <3 Thank You for sharing.

      1. Maybe super glue or some sort of stitchery glue would help? I didn’t mind it being a little “raggedy.” Amelie is my 5th grandchild and she is so fun. They grow up so fast, don’t they? :)

    1. target has some cute pink cowgirl boots. not as cute as the ones on this adorable little girlie here, but they’ll do!

    1. I have done a couple now. I know that other people have washed them on gentle cycle and fluff dry setting. They will string out and unravel a bit, but the drying keeps them fluffy-ish. However, It is so colorful and flouncy that any soil or food on it is easily not visible. I don’t think my daughter-in-law has ever washed it?

  3. i would love to make this for my daughter for football season….how cute it would be in my school colors….maroon& white

  4. Would the fabric u used for ur daughters tutu be long enough for a very tiny four year old? She is still in 24 mo 2t clothing.

    1. Yes, definitely. I have made 2 totally different sizes/lengths using the same WalMart quilting squares. For the tiny one in the blog pictures, I cut the strips the “short way.” For another little girl who is taller, I cut them the “long” way on the fabric. The results are much the same. Hope this helps.

  5. Hello! I was wondering if I want to make one for my 5 yr old daughter, if I could still use the fabric you did from walmart? Or if there wouldn’t be enough for that age and how big it needs to be. I like them a little longer, I think I want hers 14 inches long. Any info would be great! Thanks!

    1. Hi, Jennifer. I think because the squares I bought are 18″ x 21″, you could cut them the 21 length and tie them so the top is shorter and the bottom length is longer and it would be more of a double-decker type skirt? I like how they look with some variance, anyway. Hope it turns out great for you! Merry Christmas!

  6. Sooooooo cute! I’m making one for 3 yr old granddaughter in pink polka dots and striped black, etc. for her Hello Kitty party! So exciting! I love the variances in the lengths!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial and the beautiful photos of your little girl. I have fallen in love with both the skirt and the boots and have been on a mission to find the boots ever since. I was able to find the boots on eBay and I am excited to try my first attempt at the scrappy skirt for my little girl who is almost 3 1/2. Thanks again! I am inspired!! :)

    1. Oh, that is so great, Monika! I know: those boots! I actually made the skirt because of the boots! Hope it turns out well and she loves wearing it, too! :)

  8. When you made this, did you do it how you tye a tulle skirt? Im a little confused lol. I have made my 5 yr old a tulle skirt before, but never using fabric! Should I use the squares you bought at walmart or do you think I should just go to a fabric store and buy some fabric? I don’t know what kind I would buy then though…? Lol. Cuz since my daughter is taller than like a 2 yr old..shed need a longer skirt/fabric. So would I just like tye it in a knot with a little sticking up off the top instead of it being double sided like yours. ? Do u understand what im saying? Lol sorry

  9. Or would I tye it how a tulle skirt gets tyed… but instead of it being even, it would just b short on top.. ? Im sorry if im confusing you!

  10. Nvm I wouldn’t be able to tye it like a tulle skirt if I wanted a 14″ skirt. Cuz that would have to b doubled then..correct? So I guess my question at the end.. how did you tye the fabric pieces onto the elastic?

    1. I just tied them evenly and very tightly around the elastic (not a knot, actually). However – I don’t use elastic anymore because I love piling on the fabric and it stretched the elastic. Now I use a sturdy 2″ wide grosgrain ribbon. Since our daughter is taller, you could just buy fabric and cut longer lengths, but having a short “end” and a longer “end” would be cute, too, I bet! I totally hope it works out. Sorry I am not very great at describing the steps! :)

      1. Okay, looking at your pics you did tye it how ud do a tulle skirt correct. make a loop type thing. .idk im trying to think how that would look if I just tyed it in a knot lol.

    1. Actually, I just tied it around – like you’re about to tie a bow in a shoe-lace – so I could pull it super tight! It may be overkill, but that is what I did. :) But only one strongly-pulled tie -not two (so not a knot?)…Am I just confusing the heck out of you???
      And – I used the WalMart quilting squares, so it is that medium-level stiffness, I’d say? It had good body to it. Nice-quality cotton?

      1. Lol ! I am a little confused because looking a the pics it doesn’t look like you did it that way.. lol. Wouldn’t 1 half be sticking up and 1 would be down then..since when u tie ur shoe ..before you do the bow, the strings are on the opposite side ..? Aha lol..ill try to figure it out! I know how to do it tulle skirt way though. ….. lol

        1. I know. It sounds crazy, but that is what I did. Because the tulle-way seemed like they would slip off on my very active granddaughter, not enough texture to stay put. They are turned every which way. It’s really true! :)

  11. beautiful skirt!!! So cute, I like the look way more than the tutu ones, especially because the tule ones don’t last very long when littles want to wear them ALL THE TIME :) anyways… I feel funny asking but I love you floor!! What is it? Where can I get it? I’ve never seen anything quite like it!! Thanks!!

  12. What a wonderful skirt!! I absolutely adore it! The colors go nicely and it does help that your model is a cutie too!

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