Christmas Playlist

I tend toward the sentimental with Christmas music.  And I’m a little bit {more} country.  At Christmas.  For some odd reason.


But certain sings must have certain singers.

  • “Happy Holiday”s has to be Andy Williams.
  • “Winter Wonderland” belongs to Johnny Mathis.
  • “Drummer Boy” has to go to Bing, but Bing gets bunches of them (including “White Christmas” and “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”) because I love him.  he is Mr Christmas!


Ellie invited me to do a Christmas music swap, my favorites for hers and I decided, though on different days I am in love with different moods and melodies of Christmas, to put together 12 songs that represented our family from 1981 to the present.  They include Bing, and there is Judy Garland singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” but I included Whitney Houston (“Joy to the World”) and Mariah Carey (“O Holy Night”).  Kenny Rogers got 2 selections (“Kids” and “Christmas is My Favorite Time of Year”) because his was the first cassette Christmas music tape we bought as a new family.  I did include Casting Crown’s updated version of “I heard the Bells” because Dave really likes it and of course, the collection would not be complete  with the Charlie Brown Christmas song, “Christmas Time is Here.”


I didn’t get ot include a lot of songs I love by Dolly Parton, Karen Carpenter or Elvis, Alabama, Amy Grant or the Partridge Family.  I just really love Christmas music and I have lots and lots of it representing the 1940s to the present.  They made thousands of recordings in the 50s, it seems and each year, a new song or two is added to my list Christmas songs I love…


And I am kinda in love with this duet, which is more about winter than Christmas, but don’t you just love Willie and Norah?  I do!  CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN*

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It WAS actually cold yesterday for about 17.238 minutes and we actually got at least 6.798 minutes of some sleety, snow-ish, rainy/gray/sky something or another before blue skies busted back out just before sundown.  I had inserted the word “finally” above the word “cold” but alas this morning, another sunny, temperate day and they are saying no snow for Christmas.  But I am sure we’ll have some for May Day.  Grrrrr…….

What are you singing these days?

*Willie Nelson & Norah Jones – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

6 thoughts on “Christmas Playlist

    1. Oh, you can’t go wrong with Herb! And I love Elvis, and especially those re-mixes they did a couple of years ago. Martina McBride “sang” with him on “Blue Christmas.” It is awesome. I wanna sing with Elvis!

  1. Andy Williams is THE only Christmas music. Tristan has all my old vinyl albums of him. I prefer traditional versions. I DO NOT like it when someone takes a classic Christmas song and screws it up with new arrangments,etc. That’s why I listen to The River in the car and not the Christian stations (can’t stand Third Days versions of the songs.)
    Boy, I really sould cranky; but don’t mess with the classics!

    1. Haha. Cheri-you just know what you like. I love all my traditional stuff, too, for sure. You’re an Andy woman, huh? Well – I have one of those cool little machines that can transfer vinyl to digital…does Tristan need to take care of that tout de suite??

  2. And it is a great collection, I’ve been listening to the cd and skipping through to some of my favs. “I Need A Silent Night” – Amy Grant, “I Heard The Bells” – Casting Crowns, and “Our Blessed Savior Has Come” – Carman
    Thank you, Honey xxoo

  3. Amy Grant’s “Breath of Heaven” gives me chills every time (light in my darkness, pour over me your holiness, for you’re holy…), and I adore “Tennessee Christmas” because that was where we were when Bran-man had his very first Christmas, just a couple of weeks after we finally got to bring him home, and “Grown Up Christmas List.” And of course I’m totally IN with anything Martina McBride does, especially when she does it with Elvis! Holy guacamole, that girl has pipes.

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