Dear Audrey – The Bride Inside


I've been writing some advice letters to my sweet friend, Audrey, who is about to be married.  She said I could.  At my age – you love doling out the advice!  Haha!  There are 2 previous letters to Audrey here  and here. 

Dear Audrey,

Words are powerful.  Words can bring life or death.  It is a sad day when we no longer care about what our words will do to another person.

My caution to you is this: be careful – full of care – with all your words in your marriage.  And always know that what is inside will come out – eventually.  So keep it sacred.  Get washed with the water of the Word of God.

This is from a Jack Hayford message called "The Power of Words."  More specifically, he talks about "The Power of Words in a Marriage."

The most destructive word that can be spoken into a home between a husband and wife is the word divorce.  Even if it's just intimated in a moment of anger, "Well, do you want a divorce?!!" and then followed by "I didn't mean that," the word was spoken, and here's the problem: There are certain words and attitudes that are actually names of spirits.  And there is a demon of divorce.  Once you name it in your household, you have given it license to hang around and watch for its opportunity to advance its intent.  It has only one goal – to destroy your marriage.  And you decide whether to give it place.

From out of the kingdom of darkness, Satan seeks to controvert God's words.  The Bible says, "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments…" (2 Cor. 10, 4, 5).  The "arguments" referenced here are not theological debates, but calculated plans – logismo – words with the power to multiply their impact and to mount up and build a case ("stronghold") against you.

Strongholds are ensconced…and the way they got there was by words that licensed a spirit to construct for itself a turf it has every right to occupy because of the decisive, detrministic capacity given to our words by God.  But [with our cooperation] – our confession of sin – God [can] controvert that.

Confession of sin –homologeo- means, I say what God says about this.  God says it's wrong, so I am saying it's wrong.  Once I begin to agree with God, instead of insisting on my own way, revelation comes, repentance takes place, and I turn away.  When, with our words, we confess our sin and repent, we give Almighty God room to sweep in, and Satan no longer has …license to claim that ground anymore.


Say what God says about you and Ben.  Guard your words.  Speak life…joy…goodness…happiness, and goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life!

Blessings on the upcoming marriage!…Jeanie

PICTURED: a piece of Audrey's art, Audrey with her finacee, Ben

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