Happy 7th Anniversary, Rocky & Jovan

One son, urged to marry carefully ~ he got the sweetest one ever!

A black-sky, vicious storm-brewing day was overtaken by the burst of bright-light sun-shining, as you spoke your vows in that window-walled cafe.  The light (and the love) were nearly blinding!

anniversary rocky and jovan a

Seven years, 3 baby girls, a mean, bow-tie wearing dog named Steve (Steve-Holt), some guinea pigs, a new house, a lot of video-game playing, music and worship and little-girl hair-brushing + one major flood later…

Moats and boats and waterfalls,

Alleyways and payphone calls

I been everywhere with you (that’s true)

anniversary rocky and jovan 2

And here we are.  Oh goodness, the years have been blessed.  Of all the girls who ever tried to turn my little boy’s head, you were the best choice for him, Jovanie.  Congratulations, to you both on such a great decision then and now.

I am so sorry for the week you have had, for the loss you have experienced – not so much about the “things,” the washer and dryer and hot water heater and furnace and carpet.  Not even about the physical “things” that included Rocky’s studio and all his guitars and sound systems and computers and recording equipment.  Even that, we know – the guitars represent so many precious times in the Presence, the memory of songs sung to the heavens, we feel that loss.  We know The LORD will provide and He is your Provider! But it is what those material possessions have represented – a really good life.

You’re safe, your family is good.  But it’s hard.  Scary to awake in the night to see the waters rising from the lower level and have to be “rescued” in the dark, by flashlight grabbing everything 3 little girls will need until…who knows when?

I love that you have chosen the song for this day of celebration to be, “Home is Wherever I’m with You,” Jovan.  Because that is the secret you know.

Laugh until we think we’ll die,

Barefoot on a summer night

Never could be sweeter than with you

So while you’re displaced, not even knowing how long until you can return to “the house,” I am so glad you have found refuge in each other, not just for these days but for life and that even today, in such an unsettled moment – you are home.

anniversary rocky and jovan 1

Home, let me come home

Home is wherever I’m with you

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Home {see it here}

5 thoughts on “Happy 7th Anniversary, Rocky & Jovan

  1. Awe thank you Mom!!! What a beautiful tribute!! We love you sooo very much!! Aunt Sharon, yes that sure is still it! Thank you!

  2. Happy Anniversary ! Such a great tribute to a great couple. I’m proud of the accomplishments in your lives so far. Three little ones, and your ministry. You are a testament to love. Xxoo dad

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