The Kiddos in Taiwan and Japan

Dave, Tara, Hunter and Stormie spent 2 1/2 weeks in Taiwan and Japan, leading worship, eating amazing food and falling in love with the people there.  If you Facebook, you may have seen Stormie’s pictures.  If not, I picked a few to share.

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2 thoughts on “The Kiddos in Taiwan and Japan

  1. I love that they got to have this experience. I am sure they were a blessing to the people they encountered. The pictures are like something out of a magazine, so colorful and exciting.

  2. Neat pictures….and flowing by so I could see them at a glance~~~awesome.! I loved seeing the grands and great grandson….way over there in that beautiful country. I’m so proud of them. So I’m doing it this way.! I loved seeing Tara Jean hugging that beautiful Japanese girl…
    and Hey what about that Stormie??? Her hair fit right in…my little Japanese papoose.! ha!
    It’s beautiful there…and like China~~~People every where. Hope the kids got to sing for them….just the “mention of
    “his” name~~~~Is all it takes……and “He” will draw them to Him.” ~~~~~Grandma

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