The Barbie Doll Cake

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So here is the thing.  I don’t really like cake and I cannot bake very well (I can bake bread and I can cook at least 3 or 4 fabulous meals, but baking sweets?  No.).

Somehow, though, this trend is developing (is it because I am mad about Duff, The Ace of Cakes king???) and here I am, baking cakes and decorating them, by request.  I made a joke about Barbie Doll cakes once.  My mom’s one experience in trying to become a cake decorator was when a church lady taught her to make a Barbie cake and she made it for my 13th birthday.  I hadn’t played with Barbies since I was 4 (because my mom threw them away since they were always lying around naked) and I wasn’t too happy about having to pose with it so I was making jokes about Barbie cakes. But Jovan said, “I want one.”

So she got one.  I couldn’t find one with her coloring with blue eyes (Barbies are a very limited breed), but this one had her hair color and skin color and blue eye shadow so it looked the closest.

I wanted a pink gown, but had forgotten that every last drop of red food color went into Hunter’s firetruck a few weeks ago.  So I had to use white and blue and green and when Dave came home, he brought red so I could create a few pink flowers and trim.

I used 2 cake mixes, Betty Crocker Funfetti and a couple of recipes of my famous almond-infused buttercream icing.  I baked 3- 8″, 1- 6″ layer and used a small stainless steel bowl to bake the little mound for the top.  I stacked them with icing in between on a 10″ crystal cake stand then I took a knife and “carved” a skirt from the cake pile.

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It turned out to be the easiest to make so far.  It was also much smaller than most of the recent cake attempts, but 13 people still ate less than half.  I am glad Jovan made me do it.  Now I know why my mom felt so proud and why she made me pose with it – as I made Jovan pose with this one!

Ken cake, anyone?…Jeanie

Pictured:  Barbie getting her “crumb-coat.”  Barbie, rear-side view; front-side view; and Barbie with Jovan, the inspiration.

NOTE TO SELF: If there is a next time, perhaps create an “undergarment” for Barbie so as not to traumatize the children as the dress is cut away.

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